Frequently Asked Questions

1. Booking process


Currently, the state of Florida has no travel restrictions in place:

Covid-19 Info:
Please check with the CDC, Florida Department of Health, and Manatee County directly if you need any specific information about Covid-19.

The most current availability and pricing is displayed on our website. You are able to secure your vacation rental right here.
3rd party websites usually have a slightly higher pricing and may add additional fees for their service. There is no need to email and wait for a confirmation. Our prices are updated regularly, and we are not able to offer additional discounts like military or repeated guest discounts.

1.) First, you book your rental thru the website . You will be shown a draft of the rental agreement and a detailed statement of fees before the reservation request is finalized.

The name on the reservation must match the name on the Credit Card.

a.) At the end of the booking process, you will be given the option to sign the rental agreement electronically. If you did not sign the agreement here, a reminder email will be sent to you. You need to respond within 24 hours!

Make sure to WHITELIST our email address to prevent any emails going to Spam or Other folder.

b.) You also need to email ( or upload a photo of your picture ID for security purposes within 24 hours after making the reservation

3.) If you did not sign the rental agreement during the booking process you must do so within 24 hours.
Receiving a signed contract and picture ID within 24 hours is essential to avoid your reservation request being canceled.

—> If we do not receive the signed contract and picture ID we may cancel your reservation with outstanding IDs or contract signature requirements after 24 hours. We will ONLY send one reminder email!

4.) All documents will be reviewed by our staff within 24 hours. Once all documents are reviewed your CC will be charged.

5.) Once a reservation was canceled due to not providing the agreement and / or ID, it cannot be reinstated. You need to rebook at the then-current rate.

Your ID will not be shared with 3rd parties.

Please note that all our properties are individually owned, so we can not change the reservation to a different property after the reservation is confirmed. Thanks for your understanding.

All rates are final at the time of booking and cannot be adjusted before final payment becomes due.

—> All charges are automatic!

If our final charge is not showing up on the 29th or 30th day before your arrival on your CC? Relax! Credit card companies take up to 3-4 business days until charges actually show up on your end or they may show as “pending” for some time. No need to worry. Nothing we can do here. 

Now, here are all procedures explained in detail:

1.) If your credit card information has NOT changed since you made the reservation

The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival and will be charged AUTOMATICALLY to your credit card on file within 25 to 30 days prior to your arrival (weekends, holidays may affect the exact processing day).

Please allow additional 3-4 business days before you will see the charge on your CC. There is absolutely no need to inquire about payments, unless you have received “a failed payment notice / email”.

About 2 weeks prior to your arrival you will receive another email with detailed instructions how to access the property.


Please contact us, upfront, ONLY under the following circumstances:

2.) If you received a new credit card or the information has changed since you made the reservation

Please use the following form to change your billing information for upcoming payments:

Suncoast Vacation Billing Change Form

This is only necessary if your billing information has changed since time of booking.

The form is located on a 3rd party SSL secured server so your information is transmitted securely.


3.) If you received an email saying “Failed payment”.

In case that a credit card payment fails, you will receive an email notification at the email address provided at the time of entering the reservation.

The guest has 24 hours to contact us (to provide new card information use the form here – Suncoast Vacation Billing Change Form) and provide a different method of payment. After this period we reserve the right to cancel the reservation without refunds being due.

–> Time is of the essence.


4.) Split or partial payments

Split or partial payments require our team to manually process your payment and require advance notice.
Split or partial payments are subject to an additional $20 administration fee per additional payment.


5.) Early payment of the balance

If you would like to pay the balance before it is due please send us an email and we are happy to process the payment for you. Early payment requests must be made in writing.

When you are reserving the property please make sure that the reservation is under the name of the person staying at the home. We also need a contact phone number for you that we can use while you are staying at the rental property.

The person on the reservation will be responsible for all guests staying at or visiting the property.


During the booking process, you are required to enter the number of adults and children in your group. This information is legally binding and shows the maximum number of people in your group at any time. If the number of people in your group exceeds the number of people you can enter, the selected property is not suitable for your needs and shall not be booked.

You are entitled to occupy your vacation rental with the maximum number of people shown on your reservation (including all children + adults). If you are getting visitors staying overnight for a period of time, please let us know before your guests arrive. You may never exceed the number of people shown on your reservation, except with our prior written approval.

Some properties are priced based on per person rates, so the number of guests might influence the rate.

Maximum Occupancy

All our rental properties have different maximum occupancy, you will find that information in the property description. The maximum occupancy includes all adults and children.

We might be able to do an exception for one (one – not two, three or four) baby in a crib on a case-by-case basis on a prior notice. This needs to be requested and confirmed by us before booking. Not all properties are equipped with cribs, so this is your responsibility to rent a crib if needed.

Large gatherings (like parties) are not permitted on the premises under any circumstances (even for a short period of time) and will result in immediate eviction for forfeiture of all monies paid. All amenities like docks, pools, clubhouses, bathrooms, washers and dryers are for the sole benefit of our guests.

Fees in cases of over occupying

If we find the number of people staying in one of our properties, is exceeding the number of people on your reservation but is under the maximum occupancy for your vacation rental (usually 2 people per bedroom, so maximum occupancy for a 3 bedroom home is 6) as shown on the property description, we may charge a daily fee of $10 per over occupying person retroactive from your arrival.

If the number of people staying is exceeding  the number of people allowed on a property as shown in the description, we will charge a daily fee of $10 for the people over the reservation but under the property’s maximum occupancy and $25 per over occupying person above the property’s maximum occupancy, retroactive from your arrival. In this case, at our sole discretion, we may also elect to terminate your rental without refund.

In cases of over-occupying, we may also place a security deposit of up to $1,000 in addition to the above-referenced fees on your credit card on file for any damages. If the credit card cannot be authorized for that amount, we may require payment by money order or cash to prevent immediate termination. The deposit damage waiver  becomes void in all cases of over-occupying.

We consider over occupying an attempt of fraud and have zero tolerance policy in these cases.


Reduction in number of guests after booking

If the number of extra guests is reduced after booking – no refund will be given. All monies paid are non-refundable.

Payment Policy:

Reservations require a
a.) 25% deposit (25% of rent, taxes and additional fees (for example cleaning fee, pet fee, damage deposit waiver fees) plus
b.) 100% of insurances (for example damage insurance) and registration fees for homeowners associations (if applicable) with the reservation.

Reservations made within 30 days of arrival require payment made in-full at the time of reservation.

All payments are non-refundable. We recommend the purchase of 3rd party travel insurance for the protection of payments and deposits.

Cancellation Policy:

All deposits / payments are non-refundable. If you cancel a reservation before the final payment becomes due (i.e. 30 days before arrival), we will not charge the final payment. If you cancel after the final payment was due, the final payment is non-refundable.

Extra fees (pet fees, pool heat, extra guest fees, extra services) are always non-refundable.

Reservation deposit

The reservation deposit must be paid at the time a booking is made and is non-refundable. The amount of reservation deposit (usually 25% of total rent + taxes and 100% of any additional fees) is shown during the booking process.  The final payment is due 30 days before your arrival and will be automaically charged to the credit card on file. Details see here.

Payment of Balance

Other Terms

Full payment is needed per the terms listed above for all rentals. We do not offer monthly payments for longer stays. If you don´t want to pay upfront for a multiple-month stay you will need to book one month at a time and extend or make an additional reservation whenever you are ready to commit. In this case, the calendar will only be blocked for the period you booked and paid for and we can not guarantee availability for an extension.

We do understand that it is important for you that your pet can travel with you – so some of our rental properties are pet-friendly and designated as such in the property listing. Unfortunately due to allergies, we cannot make any exceptions for pets in non-pet friendly homes. Please book a pet friendly home when you want to bring a pet.

If a guest has an animal in a non-pet-friendly property, the guest will be asked to vacate the rental property immediately and forfeit all previous payments for that particular stay. The guest will be responsible for all incurred costs resulting from returning the property to its original condition, if applicable.

All pets need to be on the reservation and the pet fee must be paid in order to bring a pet

We need to be notified before your arrival that you would like to bring your pet. We offer a non-refundable pet charge with your quote in order to save you the hassle of placing an additional security deposit which is optional. We allow a maximum of 2 pets per property. “Visiting” pets are not allowed. Please make sure pets are on your reservation before you bring them.

If we find a pet not being on the reservation we will charge the appropriate pet fee and require the placement of a security deposit of $500 on the credit card. You do not have a right to occupy until the pet fee and / or deposit has been paid.

Please check our pet policies:

We accept credit and debit cards from Mastercard and Visa. We do not accept American Express, Discover or Diners Club.

Split payments on different credit cards require manual processing and are subject to an additional $20 administration fee per payment.

We do NOT accept checks, cash, Paypal, Bitcoin or Wire Transfers.

Returning seasonal guests may pay remaining balances by check or wire transfer. If the guest decides to pay that way, payment must be received at least 5 days ahead of the due date. Canadian checks’s need to be received at least 14 days prior to due date. No other foreign checks.

You will find the due date on the invoice you received with the reservation confirmation email. If the check is not received in time the balance will automatically be charged to the credit card on file on the due date.

If your credit card information has changed since the time of booking, here is more information on how to submit new credit card and payment info.

All rentals up to 6 months are subject to resort and sales tax. Resort and sales tax are subject to change without notice and all rentals are subject to adjustments for the additional taxes after reservation confirmation.

In Manatee County, the sales tax rate was increased from 6.5% to 7% for all reservations starting after 01/01/2017.

Our charges will show as “Suncoast Vacation” or “Anna Maria Island Real Estate LLC” on your credit card.
You will always get the best price when booking directly on our website

If you made your booking through a 3rd party website like VRBO, Expedia, those websites are run by independent companies basically reselling our properties. They may charge an additional (service) fee to you, the guest. This will be shown disclosed when making the reservation on their website.

Please be advised: We do not have any specific information about these 3rd party fees. These fees do not benefit us nor do we even know how much they charge. These fees are always on top what we charge. Consequently, those fees don’t show on your rental agreement with us. It’s a fee you agreed when making the reservaton on those companies websites.

Unfortunately, if you realize you were charged a fee after making a reservation through any of those companies, we are out of luck. “Cancel and rebook” would be considered fraud by those companies, so we are unable to support that. All standard cancellation policies would apply making that route unattractive. 

But you better know for for your next year’s reservation:
—> It is always best to book directly on

Non-acceptance of booking request:

We reserve the right to deny any booking request for any reason before we finally confirm it (usually within 24 hours, most of the time much less).

1.) If you made the request directly on our website and you receive a non-acceptance / cancellation notice: No action is necessary and your CC will not be charged.

2.) If your request was made thru a 3rd party website (like VRBO) you may need to contact them if they charged you for THEIR service fee. Our part is handled automatically and you won’t be charged.
Unfortunately, we have no information about any of their charges and their process for refund.

We are a fully licensed Florida Real Estate Company. You can check our license with the state of Florida here:

Anna Maria Island Real Estate LLC dba Suncoast Vacation
Bradenton, Florida, 34205

The Damage Deposit Waiver (DDW) provides coverage for accidental damages to your vacation unit during your stay.

What is the DDW program?

DDW stands for “Damage Deposit Waiver” and means you do not need to place an additional security deposit with your reservation. DDW fee is non-refundable.

Why the DDW program?

  • With the DDW, you don’t have to worry about putting up a security deposit or how much will be returned when you get home.
  • Return home with vacation memories, not repair costs. DDW is automatically included in your online reservation, the cost and repair of covered accidental damage will be handled by
  • Stay balanced. The DDW program can save you from tying up your cash or credit line(s) while you are on vacation.

What does the DDW program cover?

  • DDW covers things like carpet spills, furniture tears, broken lamps, broken screen doors and more, however all damage must be reported to us prior to your departure.

What is not covered by the DDW program?

  • Intentional property damage.
  • Pet damage.
  • Damage caused by automotives.
  • Wear and tear
  • Any damages exceeding $500 per stay.
  • Any unreported damages. Make sure to notify us of any damages prior to your departure.
  • DDW is intended for the regular run of business.
    In cases we become aware of exceptional circumstances, a security damage deposit or hold on the credit card may be required anytime.
    Examples are: Negative background check results, partying, more people on the property than in reservation etc.

Can I place a security deposit in lieu?

Yes, however, we do not recommend it.
Minimum security deposit amount is $1,000 and must be placed in secure funds (only acceptable, wire transfer) 30 days before your arrival / within 24 hours after booking (whatever comes first). Our bank charges about $35 (if you are international, it’s about $80) for the handling of the wire transfers (in and out) on our side. These fees will be your responsibility and deducted in any case. In addition, we have to charge a nominal fee for the handling of a security deposit in a separate Escrow account. All those fees are non-refundable and probably exceed the DDW fee.

All properties are cleaned by an approved outside cleaning company before your arrival and after your departure.

Items the cleaning fee does cover:
– Wash linens, towels, bedding.
– Vacuum the carpets and mop other floors.
– Clean bathrooms, sinks, showers, and toilets
– As a courtesy: 1st night of supplies (Toilet paper, kitchen paper and such)

What the cleaning fee does NOT cover:
– Any kind of excessive dirt anywhere. All properties have to be left broom clean. Also, please discard your trash regularly and don’t leave it in the home until your departure.
– Dishwashing, cleaning of pots, pans, silverware and such
– BBQ cleaning of any kind.
– Outside cleaning
– Allergy cleaning of any kind.
– All floors are mopped, please keep in mind, floors are intended for walking not toddlers playing.
– Pool cleaning, removal of toys inside and outside.
– Any outside cleaning, including pet or smoking remains
– Sanitation of kitchen utensils
– Hard cleaning of the stove before each guest (this is done during quarterly deep cleanings, but not between each guest). Most stoves have a self-cleaning program if needed.

We reserve properties on a “first come, first serve” basis. All our properties are bookable online, so we cannot offer the right of first refusal on rental properties. Please do not wait until departure to reserve, as many properties will be booked well in advance, especially in season. By booking early you might also avoid price increases that may occur during the year ;).

All properties are available with then current pricing online between 12 and 18 months in advance until a reservation is confirmed.

Due to the high number of rental inquiries and the fact that we do not want to disturb our guests, we cannot accommodate showings for vacation rentals.

Please refrain from approaching a rented property or disturbing existing guests. Any such attempt is considered a severe violation of rental terms.

To protect against the loss of damages, rental payment, including down payment, we strongly recommend purchasing optional travel insurance.

While we do not sell travel insurance ourselves, we suggest purchasing 3rd party travel insurance at the time you make the reservation.

We don’t have a staffed B&M office, so everything is handled online.

1.) Please check FAQ and find answers instantly
Obviously you found it. Here you find answers to almost almost all questions you can imagine, including bookkeeping questions (change of credit card), pool heat and such.
Suncoast Vacation FAQs

Use the ticket system after you made your reservation and / or for specific needs / defects
Please use our Ticket-System and your request is routed where it should go.

3.) Email
Replying to email you got from us will go to through the reservation system. Any emails are then manually checked and routed. This won’t happen before the next business day.

For all non-emergency requests, you can expect a response within 1-3 business days.

4.) NEVER: VRBO App and such
Please don’t use 3rd party messaging apps like VRBO, AIRBNB, and such.
Any messages sent through these apps are forwarded with delay to us. Usually these companies also “scrap” important information like links, images or just don’t forward your message at all if they feel you are trying to avoid their fees. Please use our Ticket-System instead.

X.) Hotline (941) 328 9999 –> No need to double report if you already opened a ticket within 24 hours

Please follow the voice prompts and leave a detailed message where your question needs to go.

Messages left without a detailed reason or just a “please call back” will NOT be answered.
All non-emergency voicemails are manually put into our support system and then be routed to the appropriate person the next business day.

No need to double report, we get it. Advice: Double reporting will flag your inquiries as spam and further delay it.

The Company

Anna Maria Island Real Estate LLC dba Suncoast Vacation is a fully licensed Florida Real Estate Brokerage. We are handling vacation rentals exclusively for multiple Real Estate Brokerages. You may check our license status here.

We handle everything online

Our promise is to provide excellent and lightening fast service, therefore, everything is handled straight online.
From availability, to booking, to support when you are here. All is done through our website online.

No key to pickup, all properties have electronic locks.

You do not need to pick up a key to enter our properties upon arrival. All properties have electronic locks. So you may arrive late at night or early in the morning. If you have a question?

Questions? Check our FAQs first. Answer is probably there…

Just check our FAQs and chances are the answer is already there.

Support is lightening fast through our Ticket-System online

If not? Use our online support and ticket system here:

You may also leave a message at our hotline: (941) 328 9999. However, the online ticket system is way faster. HINT: Never use any 3rd party messaging apps like VRBO. These messages are NOT received in real time.

Unless there is an emergency, all return communication will be handled online as well.

Please be aware: We are unable to respond to messages or tickets like “please call me back” without a detailed reason.
Simply because: We do not know who should call you back. Our bookkeper, the housekeeper or pool service tech?

We are looking forward to seeing you here in sunny Florida.
Suncoast Vacation

2. Arrival

Arrival / Key

All properties are equipped with electronic locks. You will receive the code by email in advance (7,3 and 1 day. before arrival). If not, please check your SPAM folder.

No need to stop at an office to pickup key. In fact, we do not have a staffed B&M office, everthing is handled online. So a “check-in” is not required.

More info here

Arrival time: after 4pm EST

Arrival time: Your rental is ready for you AFTER 4pm EST. The door code we emailed you may not work before 4pm.

Our housekeeping crews make every effort to ensure that your rental will be ready for occupancy by 4pm; however, on extremely busy days or when maintenance is needed, your unit may not be ready by 4pm.

Check-out time:  11am EST

In order to prepare the property for the next guest, we must strictly follow designated check-out times .
Guests that do not vacate the rental property by 11am will be charged a MINIMUM $100 fee.

Early arrival / late check-out / adding nights

Due to cleaning and maintenance schedule, we are unable to accommodate early check-in / late check-out requests.

Arrival time: AFTER 4pm
Check-out time: BEFORE 11am – sharp.

If you want to arrive early (before 4pm) or depart late (after 11am) we suggest booking another night when making the reservation. Some properties have specific arrival and departure dates, days or are just rented weekly. Adding one night later may not be available for those properties.

Please check availability for your property here before making that request. We need to confirm your request.

Your combo key won’t work before 3 to 4pm on arrival day. 

So if you arrive early, your door code is not supposed to work.  Please do not call / inquire about non-working codes when you arrive early at the property, there is nothing we can do.

Our Service hours

Our regular service hours are M-F 10am to 4pm. If you arrive or encounter a problem outside these service hours we try to address any immediate problems (lockouts or other immediate issues, like A/C outages) with priority. However, we do not have 24/7 service, so please plan adequately.

Here is the link to our contact form for any issues: contact form.

This is the fastest way to get any issues resolved. And we are here to help!

Our sales team does not have access to the reservation system, so problems reported to our sales team will not be forwarded to us.

You will receive the combination code by email after final payment has been received. We send the combo code email 3 times to make sure you receive it and have it handy when you arrive (we suggest printing it through):
Approx. 14 days, 3 days and 24 hours before arrival.

If your booking is past one of these dates, you will receive the next one. So let’s say you book and pay 12 days in advance, your code will be emailed 3 days and 1 day before arrival.

All our properties are equipped with an electronic combo lock (no key needed). The combination is changed on a regular schedule, so this is much more secure than any keyed lock where the key is never changed.

You will receive the combination code by email after final payment has been received. We send the combo code email 3 times to make sure you receive it and have it handy when you arrive (we suggest printing it through):
14 days, 3 days and 24 hours before arrival.

Some condo properties need additional registration at the office and some may have an additional registration fee which is not included in your rent amount.

We currently use 2 different lock types (Schlage or Kwikset) on our properties, here are the instructions for both (we suggest to print out as reference upon arrival):

Lock instructions (Schlage):



To lock: Just press the “Schlage” button and rotate the thumbturn (no code needed).

If your locks like this, it locks automatically:


If you have received a 10 digit code, please click here to replace that with a 4 digit code of your choice. (If you have received a 4 digit code already, this does not apply to you).

Replace a 10 digit code with a 4 digit code of your choice.


Lock instructions (Kwikset):



Hint for locking with Kwikset:
If the locking mechanism shows an error: It helps pulling the door towards you when locking the door. The electric motor is sometimes not strong enough to push the deadbolt fully out when the door is not 100% aligned due to humidity.

Replace a 10 digit door code with a 4 digit code of your choice. This only applies if you received a 10 digit code. If you already have a 4 digit code, the following information does not apply to you. Do not try to change the 4 digit code. This is against our terms. Only 10 digit codes may be changed.

A. First unlock your lock with the 10 digit code:


Now to change the 10 digit code into a 4 digit code of your choice:

1) Enter the 10-digit Access Code.

2) After successfully unlocking the lock, within 10 seconds, press the [SCHLAGE] key and your own 4 digitPersonalized Code, then press the [SCHLAGE] key to end. All digits must be entered within 10 seconds. If your Personalized Code is unavailable, you will hear the descending notes and see the red LED flashing. In this case, please try a different Personalized Code.

Enter your own Personalized Code, followed by the [SCHLAGE] key. Each digit must be entered in 10 seconds. After ascending notes beep and the green LED flashes, please turn the lock knob in 5 seconds to unlock the lock.

Remember: For the 4 digit code you need to press the SCHLAGE button after the numbers to enter. With the 10 digit code you don’t need to press the SCHLAGE button.

So for opening, use your 4 digit code + press the SCHLAGE BUTTON



To lock the lock:

Press the [SCHLAGE] key, after ascending notes beep and the green LED flashes, please turn the lock knob within 5 seconds to lock the lock. The deadbolt will not automatically lock. You must turn the knob in order to throw the deadbolt. You do not need a code to lock the door.

Shorewalk, Bradenton: You need to pick-up a pool pass if you want to use the pool. You can get the pool pass at the office in the clubhouse (located next to pool). They will charge a $10 deposit which you will get back when you return the pass prior to departure.

Runaway Bay, Bradenton Beach: You need to display one of the parking passes in the condo at all times you park on the property. Be careful, they may tow you otherwise. Don’t forget to return the pass into the condo before departure, they charge a huge amount for replacement ($75).

They temporarily require to sign a waiver due to Covid-19: You find the form here to print. RAB POOL WAIVER AND DISCLAIMER

3. During your stay

Extended stay policy

Please check the availability of your property informally in our booking calendar before making the request here. Please check our availability online here. 

You may request a later departure date by submitting this form. The request is binding and if there is availability we will confirm within 24 hours by email.
Certain properties may have specific arrival and departure days, so not all requests can be accepted.

If you are on a special rate which does not allow extensions, we will contact you with the applicable rate for the extension period before finally confirming. 

Regular rate: The rate for the additional nights will be prorated from your existing rate. You agree that any charges from this extension may be charged to the credit card on file.

There is NO NEED to DOUBLE REPORT or call us for extensions. This needs to be processed by our back office team and our phone hotline cannot help you with extensions. 

Calling for extensions will delay the process. Once this form is sent, one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible after receiving this form usually within 24 hours. All extensions MUST be confirmed in writing by our system. Do not make any further plans before receiving our confirmation.

Service / and Service Calls 

Our contractors or housekeeping my enter the premises as well as the home. At any time and without prior notice. We knock first, that is not a question ;-).
This applies to:
– Pool Service
– Lawn Service
– Regular maintenance
– Any scheduled repair with a contractor
– Requested service: Like non working equipment or pool service or heat order.
So if you report it. We are going to fix it…. 😉

Air conditioning / Heater

Please keep all windows and doors shut when using the cooling or heating system and to prevent critters to enter the home.

Vertical Blinds

To position the slats to open, pull the chain. To draw the blinds, pull the cord. Never draw the blinds unless the slats are in the open position!


Generally, all furniture is set for its intended purpose. So it may never be misused. That said and to give you examples:
– Beds are for sleeping´- one (twin) or two people (queen / king).
– Sofas / sectionals (living room) are intended for enjoyment / relaxation during the day.
– Sofas / sectionals are NOT intended to be used as sleeping space.

If we find cushions removed or covered with bedding this will indicate a misuse.


Use toilet paper only! Other materials are not flushable and will clog the toilet. Please do NOT throw baby wipes or feminine hygiene products in the toilet!

Kitchen Waste disposal

is only to be used for soft vegetable leftovers in small amounts. Under no circumstances may pits, bones, fatty or greasy stuff, skin, meat or anything similar be discarded thru the disposal. If we find the disposal and/or drain clogged with any of these items, we reserve the right to charge you for the repair.

Garage doors/doors

Please keep garage doors closed unless entering or exiting the garages. This is in order to avoid bugs or critters get access to the house.


Minors, i.e. anybody under the age of 18 shall not be left unattended in the house without the supervision of an adult (i.e. >= age of 18) at any time. The guest on the reservation is responsible for any damages including damages caused by unattended minors.


These rules are part of the rental contract and any violation may result in termination of the occupancy without refund.


Cars need to be parked in the garage, carport or driveway, no parking is allowed on the lawn or in the front yard. If irrigation, sprinklers, are damaged by parking cars this will not be covered by the damage deposit waiver and repair costs will be charged to the guest.

We have a NO-PARTY, NO-GATHERING policy at our properties.

All properties are in residential neighborhoods. We want to be good neighbors. So while you are vacationing, your neighbor may just be living his normal life next door.

If you want to party, gather or invite friends:
Find an external spot, like a restaurant, club, or beach. Or come together at a friend’s home or one of the public parks in Manatee County.

Our properties are not intended and we do NOT allow gatherings, parties, family reunions, or come-together. If we get complaints and we find a party going on without our prior WRITTEN consent, this may mean termination, even in the middle of the night WITHOUT refund.

It is a simple rule, no explanation needed. NO PARTIES!
We are doing this because we want to be nice to our neighbors. If guests are violating, guests are rude and are in breach of their rental agreement!

The occupancy limit in the listing applies to all guests staying at the property and all temporary visitors (it includes all adults and kids). This occupancy limit may never be exceeded.

Condos: 4 people (including kids)
Single Family Home: 6 people (including kids), unless marked higher in a specific property listing.

Can I invite friends for diner?

Yes, you can invite visitors up to the maximal occupancy limit of the specific property. No overnight stays for visitors and NO noise complaints, please.

Example: If have a reservation showing 2 adults and 1 kid staying at a single-family home, you may invite additional 3 people (adults or kids) into a single-family home. Visitors are NOT allowed to use amenities like the pool, BTW. So no visiting kids jumping in and out of the pool. This annoys the neighbors. Please use common sense.


Cars need to be parked in the garage, carport, or driveway, no parking is allowed on the lawn or in the front yard. If irrigation, sprinklers, are damaged by parking cars this will not be covered by the damage deposit waiver, and repair costs will be charged to the guest. No commercial trucks on property, no trailers. 

What are the consequences for violations?

Depending on the situation a warning may or may not be given. 
We reserve the right: If we receive a noise complaint (police, neighbor, or one of our retired CIA agents on payroll ;-)) or find people gathering at the property, we may immediately terminate without a refund since you violated this policy. There is ZERO tolerance!

You may use the property only with the number of guests on reservation. Additional guests need to be registered prior to staying.

The renter is responsible for his / her visitor(s). Our properties are for residential use only, so no noise should be made as we expect to be good neighbors to the people living nearby. If we receive complaints from neighbors or officials we may be forced to evict without refund. Any visitors not staying with you are NOT allowed to use the amenities (e.g. pool, BBQ).

IMPORTANT: Our properties are not intended to be used to celebrate special occasions / pool-parties / come-togethers / BBQs with outside visitors not staying at the unit. In case of notification this would constitute a severe violation of the terms and conditions and result in immediate termination without refund. Our properties are licensed as §509 F.S. vacation rental properties which can be evicted without prior notice.

Single family homes: Some homes do have garages, please check property amenities. Cars are to be parked in garages, driveways and on street (if locally permissible). Trailers, RVs, trucks or boats may not be parked on the property without prior written approval.

No vehicles are allowed to be parked on lawn at any time. Parking your vehicle might damage the lawn or / or the irrigation system. If we notice any cars parked on lawn, we may immediately put a deposit on your credit card to cover potential damages. Repeated violation or actual damages may result in immediate eviction without refund. You are responsible for your guests.

Any damages to lawn or lawn service not being able to mow will be charged to your credit card.

At single family residential properties you may park on the driveway and on street (if locally permissible).

Manatee County and Bradenton have strict rules regarding parking trailers on the property and on the street.


Condos: Parking is permitted for passenger cars only (no oversized trucks, RVs etc) on marked parking spots at our condos.  Trailers, boats etc may not be parked on common areas at any time. You need to arrange parking outside the condo property (hint: ask at a local Marina).

Island: Anna Maria Island prohibits on street parking except for specially marked spaces. When parking on the Island, make sure all 4 wheels are off the pavement in those areas or you will get ticketed pretty quickly.

Sometimes we receive inquiries from guests regarding specific usage advice for a property. As much as we would like, we do not have a list or any additional information.

Each property is individually owned and owners are doing the best they can to provide useful information for that property. If you can’t find specific information or if it is not self-explaining we also don’t have it. So for example, if you can’t find a light switch for a specific light, we don’t have that info. In some cases, owners may have decided to replace a light fixture with another light fixture but leave the old one temporarily in place. Consequently, that old one will simply not be available any longer.

This example could also apply to outside speakers, pool light or usage of other gadgets, not self-explaining.

Owner closets 

All our rentals are individually owned. Owners reserve the right to occupy one closet for their belongings in one bedroom while they are not here.

Consequently, one closet in one bedroom may be unavailable for guests’ use. However you may use that bedroom for sleeping.

In 2+ bedroom condos one closets in the other bedroom will be available for guests.

Owners may also occupy other closets in the main living room, hallway. Guests are prohibited to use / enter closets marked with “private” or locked.


Owners may also park their private vehicle (s) in the garage, so the garage (or part of it) may not be available for guest’s usage. If “garage” is not showing under amenities for a property, you can expect the garage not to be available for your usage.

Garage door opener

If garage space is provided, a garage door opener shall be available in the house. Please make sure to return the garage door opener before departure. If you accidently take it home or it is missing we may need to charge you for it (price of new opener and service call for garage door company to program it, approx. $100).

We do not provide codes for garage door code pads (if applicable).

Guests are prohibited from smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes and the funny stuff) IN all our rental properties.

Any residual signs of smoking indoors, or smoking debris outdoors, will incur additional charges ($250 minimum in case of evidence of smoking inside the rental) and the guest’s credit card on file will be charged.

You may smoke outdoors (only the legal stuff and only if the Condo rules allow it), however, please keep doors/windows closed so smoke does not go inside. If you smoke on the property you are responsible for discarding all smoking debris appropriately. Clearing up cigarette butts and stuff is NOT included in your cleaning fee. Do NOT throw any cigarette butts onto the lawn or the street.

Although we try to do our best and prohibit smoking in our units, this does not imply any warranty that a unit has been smoke free in the past. So if you encounter any smoke smell, we are happy if you let us know. But honestly, there is nothing we can do.

If you are allergic to situations like that, we do not recommend renting a privately owned vacation rental for various reasons. As much as we would like, we expressly do not warrant a smoke smell free and pet hair free environment. All units are individually owned, so we only have limited control.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up the smell clearing process from our side. We suggest letting the A/C run.

Hot water – Troubleshooting

First step:

a.) In Florida, the water heater can be on the other side of the house.  You need to let water run for at least 5 minutes to get hot water. That is common in Florida!

b.) Don’t rely on the markings on faucets etc. If you can’t get hot water on one specific faucet when running water on red / hot marking, please try the blue / cold marking. Again let the water run for at least 5 minutes.

Our experience is in 50% the faucets are connected just the opposite way, so don’t rely on any markings.


If these steps do not help:

Locate the water heater. It is usually located in a closet or in the garage.
Touch the top of the water heater and see if one of the lines is warm. -> If it is warm, your water heater is ok, try Step 1 once more.

If it is NOT warm, try to find the breaker box, and see if the breaker is in. Reset the breaker. Now you need to wait a few hours so the water can heat up 6 hours minimum.

Please report problems ONLY after making these practical common sense checks.

Other related issues with water heater

Hot water gets cold after taking a shower / bath.

All our properties are standard single family homes or condos. So hot water is limited to tank capacity. If you are a bigger party or are taking extended showers / baths, please give the water heater time (a few hours!!!) to reheat new water. Especially when it’s cold outside, it will take much longer for the water heater to heat up fresh water. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do about this.

Looking forward to coming to sunny Florida? Here is a list of items you will find in all our vacation rentals:

– air conditioning/heating (Please keep doors and windows closed when running A/C).
– fully equipped kitchen including washer and dryer, vacuum and such
– linens & towels (except for crib/baby bedding)
– hairdryer (some properties may provide it, but not guaranteed)
– iron & board

All vacation rentals are different and all our rentals are equipped what the individual owners feel is necessary in a vacation property.
We are aware, that guests may sometimes ask for special equipment. We know requirements may be different if you are staying for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any such special equipment, like slow cookers, area rugs, additional tables and such.
So if you require any special equipment beyond what is customary for a vacation, we strongly recommend bringing it with you since we are not able to provide these items.

Kitchen / Bath

Paper products, cleaning supplies, and kitchen items (spices, condiments) may be used if leftover from the previous guest but are not restocked and the sole responsibility of the guest. Paper rolls and toilet paper for the 1st night are on site, however, it is the guests’ responsibility to provide such items during the stay.

If you want certain items (water, paper products, food, etc) to be ready when you arrive, you may want to look at Publix delivery services. So you can order everything from home and all items will be delivered to your vacation rental right after your arrival. Wal-Mart at 5315 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210 is open 24/7.

Regular Pots, Pans, and Kitchen utensils are available at all rentals. However since these items are used by guests, there is no guarantee that all items you are expected from your own kitchen are available. So if you are in need for a rice cooker, a crockpot, pressure cooker or blender, special cooking or steak knives, or any other items not essential for a week’s vacation by most, please bring them. No need to bring regular table silverware, regular pans, or pots though. 😉

All properties provide a standard filter coffee maker, however, due to environmental impact, we do not support capsule coffee makers.

All equipment is kept in good working order for the main purpose of that item: So a fridge is supposed to cool, a washer to wash clothes, a TV to watch TV. Any side, add-on functions (like ice makers in fridges or special steam programs for the washer) are not guaranteed.

We are unable to provide an inventory list of such items upfront since items are counted before and after each arrival and inventory may change over time.

Our cleaning crew is advised to discard any open food items except for spices and such. They are advised to keep any sealed items since we do not like to waste food. However, in case they overlook anything or you feel differently when it comes to food-related, feel free to discard.

BBQ / Outside Area

Some properties have propane BBQs for the guests to use (see property description). Some condos may provide a community charcoal BBQ but no individual BBQ. Any BBQ is a courtesy by the owner/association and sole responsibility of the guest (gas and cleaning).

There is a propane bottle for each property (so you can exchange it at gas stations for about $20). However, due to Federal and insurance regulations, we cannot refill gas / replace empty containers. So we recommend getting an exchange container before you start your cookout. Don’t blame us if it runs empty. If the container had some gas when you arrived, we think it is a courtesy to leave some gas for the next guest.

As a reminder: BBQ cleaning and outside cleaning is NOT included in the cleaning charge, so please clean BBQ and outside areas after usage / before departure. We reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning fee if we find in the outside area dirt, butts, dirty BBQ, dog remains and such.

BBQs are a courtesy by the owner for our guests, we are not responsible for uncleaned, defective BBQs.

We are happy to check the BBQ although it is not a warranted item.
Service calls due to empty gas bottles will be considered unnecessary and will be disregarded and not be answered.

Baby equipment

Our rentals will not provide baby equipment. Some properties may have a crib or baby equipment left behind from previous guests in the Master bedroom or garage. Feel free to use it. Baby/crib bedding is NOT provided.
We recommend getting/bringing all baby equipment.

There are companies in the area where you can rent baby equipment.
You may either pick it up or have it delivered to your rental:

Disability Aids

We do not provide any utensils, assistive devices or other equipment for the elderly, seniors, or disabled. If you need such equipment, please bring your own. We can also not allow any permanent installations of equipment by guests in our vacation units and all temporary installations (for example raised toilet seats) need to be removed before departure and the unit must be brought to its original condition.


Our staff does a complete inventory before move-in and after check out. In the event of a discrepancy in inventory, any lost items + service fee will be automatically charged to the guest’s credit card on file.

We show pride and do warrant our homes to be used for living purposes. Therefore we will try our best to repair/replace all items essential for that purpose. Delays in repair due to missing parts, contractor scheduling do not constitute any reason for a refund.

If you find any items not working, we are happy for any reports since only when living in a property you get the experience of smaller items not working. We will take your report very important and try to resolve any issues.

However, we do not warrant non-essential items like but not limited to motion sensors, window blinds, screens, kitchen utensils, radios, additional TVs (except for the one in the living room), DVD players, Icemaker, Garbage disposal, pool light, Microwave, dishwasher, outside furniture or ceiling fans.

Please reports any losses before your departure.

1.) Beach equipment

Our vacation rentals are equipped with all kinds of “stuff” to be used ON the property. Like patio chairs and such.
We do not provide any specific items to be used outside of the property, like on the beach. If you take any towels outside the property, please make sure to return them before your departure.

Over time, owners and prior guests may have contributed beach equipment and left these items behind for the next guests. So we leave these items for your enjoyment. Like beach chairs, beach umbrellas, sand toys and whatever you can think of you might need at the beach. However, these things come and go, gets lost, break etc. Sometimes owners store items on their property as well. They may pull these items any time.

Our policy is not to provide such items, so we are not replacing them. If a property has it, fine. Feel free to use it. If not, feel free to add it  (don’t cost much) and the next guest will enjoy it. We won’t reimburse you, though… Sending out service personnel and counting inventory for these items is simply impossible and highly inefficient. So our policy is not to replace or restock such items so we are able to provide great service instead.

If you find any such items in disrepair you may report that, or simply discard the items.

2.) Sports equipment

Some properties may provide sports equipment like Golf clubs, Tennis rackets or kayaks. Feel free to use all the equipment you find on a property. However, we are unable to provide any missing equipment or items needed. So we are not responsible for paddles, clubs, balls, life jackets and such. All equipment is provided by the owners as a courtesy. If you require certain items we recommend bringing them. Often times accessories can be acquired locally at low cost (e.g. Wal-Mart). However, we are unable to reimburse for any missing items.

3.) Rental places

As a property rental company we are unable to provide specific items, furniture or equipment. However, there there are local companies where you may be able to rent items any such as kayaks, bicycles, beach equipment, and much more:

All our properties are well maintained and fully checked before your arrival.

If you encounter any issues, please report issues as stated below.

1.) Small items (batteries, bulbs, fans, lights and such)

Our “Bulb” policy: Small items within a household can fail or be missing at any time. Light bulbs, pantry ant traps, batteries for remotes or other small items below $25 pare cost-effective to be just replaced by the guest.

If you are having issues with any of these items, simply go ahead and buy a replacement. Then, snap a photo of the receipt and email it to us.
We are happy to reimburse you for the cost. If it’s more expensive, please contact us before purchasing. Any reimbursements will be refunded upon your departure.

You may also just report any defective items and we put it on the list for our housekeeping staff upon your departure.

Please understand, it’s not cost-effective to send somebody out for a new bulb or battery.

If a fan is not working, make sure it is turned on. Ceiling fans often times come with a remote. However, they still have the switch (line to pull) on the fan itself. So both items must be “on” in order for the fan to work. If a remote is present make sure the batteries are ok. If you still encounter issues, please report here::
Please be advised, ceiling fans are considered an add on and will only be serviced during regular maintenance.

In Florida many light switches just turn an outlet on and off, not a ceiling light So if you are having problems with light (most likely in the bedroom) but may be in the living room as well, please do the following check before reporting an issue:

a.) Check if there is a lamp on your nightstand or floor lamp. Please turn it on with the the switch on/at the lamp.
b1.) If it is turning on: -> Leave it on and change the plug with the outlets nearby.
IMPORTANT: On these double outlets, sometimes one is switched and one is not, so try both!
b2.) If now, check the blub and try again.
c.) Then flip the wall light switch at the door around so see if one of the outlets is switched.

In 99% of all cases this procedure will resolve issues for a non-working light switch or finding the switched outlet.

For the 1% left… Send us a maintenance request here. We are here to help!

2.) Hot water

See here

3.) A/C

If there is an additional humidistat next to the thermostat, please make sure and leave it to “ON” position. This will solve 99% of issues if there is one!

HumidistatPlease set thermostat to the desired temperature. Please make sure that unit is set to “on” and either heat or cool, depending on what you need.

If the unit is still not working, please turn it OFF and report the issue:

4.) Refrigerator / Freezer

If you find the fridge and/or freezer not working properly, we recommend the following steps:

a.) Unplug the appliance and wait for 2 minutes. Then replug power and wait 1-3 hours to see if it is cooling properly.

If this isn’t helping please report issue here:

Appliance repair companies are available M-F only. As much as we’d like, we have not found a competent appliance repair company doing service on the weekends/holidays.
We are not responsible / reimburse for any spoiled food.

5.) Electric Stove

Electric stove burner tips: Simple fixes solve most problems.

If one of your electric stovetop burners isn’t heating, it could just be a bad connection in the burner socket. The cleaning team sometimes removes the burners in order to be able to clean the stove, so checking if the burner is put in correctly will most likely resolve your issue without waiting for maintenance to check the burner. Just remove the burner by pulling it out and plug it back in.

Another thing to try is to remove it and plug it into another burner receptacle of the same size. Then, turn on that element. If it still does not work, the element will need to be replaced. Please contact us to let us know and we will send maintenance.

6.) Washer / Dryer

Washer does not spin or does not finish cycle:
– Unplug it to reset the computer, plug it back in after a few minutes.
– Try to open and close the door 6 times in a span of 12 seconds. Many washing machines are set up so that this signals the computer to reset.
– Let washer cool down for a few hours.
– To see if the washing machine is fixed, set it on “small load” and allow it to run without anything inside. If it runs through its full cycle, it is safe to begin washing clothes in it again.

Dryer does not work or stops mid cycle:
– Check to see if the circuit breaker that powers the dryer has tripped.
– Check if integrated lint filter (and filter between dryer ant vent if applicable) are empty.
If problem persists please let us know.

We formally do not warrant or reimburse if laundry is unavailable during your stay. While we are always trying to schedule tech visits asap, appointments and / or repairs may take serveral days. We also cannot reimburse for expenses related to any outage.

7.) Report the issue

Please report any issues here: 
This is the fastest way!

Or you may call (941) 328 9999. Please do not double report the same issue.

If you resolve the issue after reporting, we kindly ask and expect you to notify us immediately. If our service personnel or 3rd party vendor can not verify the issue, we reserve the right to charge your card on file for unnecessary repair request. As much as like to improve our service, we do appreciate any reports at any time. Please understand, any issues reported after your departure will NEVER qualify for any kind of refund or price adjustment.

8.) How Services are performed

We will send our own repair personnel or outside vendors to fix issues depending on the nature of issue. Repairs are usually performed M-F during regular business hours. Upon reporting of an issue our service provider may attempt to resolve outside of these times for your convenience.

We serve the right for the repair personnel to access to the property in your absence if this seems appropriate at our sole discretion. This especially applies right after reporting an issue / malfunction or in case of an emergency. Pets (in pet friendly homes) may never be left unattended on the property.

9.) Common elements

Unfortunately, and on very rare occasions, condo and/or homeowners associations do not communicate or schedule closures/improvements / changes of common elements adequately. Sometimes delays may occur beyond our control, which makes certain common elements unavailable. As much as we are trying to communicate any such events, the availability or unavailability of common elements is beyond our control. Any issues with common elements do not entitle for a refund or reduction of the rental rate.

10.) Other situations

Should any mechanical failures occur during your stay, like Tv or appliance malfunction, A/C issues we will do our best to make prompt and thorough repairs.

Some requests may require outside vendors to repair and/or replace equipment. If we or an outside vendor finds the equipment is not working due to guest misuse, operating error, or negligence, the guest will be responsible for incurred service charges.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for the inconvenience caused by inoperable/missing equipment, delayed vendor appointments or any permitting related issues. All appliances including laundry are provided as a courtesy only.

Please put your trash out regularly.
Please don’t leave everything until the last day, since the next guest might have some trash as well before the next pickup.

Do you need info for a

Trash days

Trash is collected twice a week.
Some properties may have trash days marked in the garage.

City of Bradenton (within City limits):
You are in CoB if there is a big green trashcan with City logo:
Trash-Days: Tuesday and Friday.
Unincorporated Manatee County
Trash-Days: Monday and Thursday.

Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island:
Trash cans may only be put the night before and MUST be put back after emptying.

City of Bradenton Trash Pickup Information
Manatee County Trash Pickup Information

Watch when your neighbors are putting out their trash.
Then, it is time to put yours out, too.

Trash days may vary because of holidays or changes in schedule, so the tip above is the best advice.


We like the idea of recycling. However, our experience has shown, recycling bins for rental properties are creating more problems than solutions. Here is why: As soon as something gets into these bins which the hauler determines not belonging there, the hauler will leave the full bin behind.

So we have had multiple instances when guests found full recycling bins right after their arrival. Some times, those bin already attracted racoons. I can say: It was a total MESS. Every time.

So we are discouraging the use of recycling bins for rental properties. If you find recycling instructions or bins at properties, please, please disregard them.

In Bradenton, and in Manatee County, recycling is not mandatory.

—–> We recommend not using recycling bins because it will eventually cause issues for you and / or the next guests.


Multiple community Dumpsters are located on property accessible from to the parking lots. It’s somewhat hidden behind vinyl fences. We do not have specific info on pickup dates, but that’s not needed anyways.

Pool pump / circulation

Pool pumps operate on a timer and are operative about 6-8 hours per day (may vary due to the season and special pool circumstances). Normal hours are between 10 am to 4 pm, but it can vary due to Daylight savings time. Please notify us if you notice the pump not operating for more than 24 consecutive hours.

It is fully normal for the circulation pump to be off at night.
When the pump is off – any error light should be ignored.

Please report any error messages only if persistent for more than 24 hours.

Pool water level low / pump running loud (your responsibility between pool service visits!)

If you hear the pump sucking air or is “blurbing”, or the optional pool heat is not working as desired, your support is needed to compensate for water lost due to evaporation and protect the equipment. This happens especially during times of no rain.

First, please check if the water level is getting low. If so, please use the garden hose to fill water. The ideal water level should cover 2/3 of the skimmer inlet (the square box on the side wall of the pool where the water is sucked in – see picture –>).

If you notice extensive water (=refill each day more than 2-3 inches) over several days or other problems, please let us know.

HINT: If you ordered optional pool heater service, evaporation will be increased. Any moisture / water around the pool heater is fully normal. This does NOT constitute a leak. That water is just from condensation.

Pool Equipment

Please be advised only our service personnel may make changes to pool equipment. Guests are not allowed to modify any settings. Any damages or re-adjustments due to tampering with pool equipment may trigger damages. Please be advised, that any expenses we incur will be charged to your credit card on file.


If a property provides a SPA, you may use it.
However: We do NOT warrant any SPA functionality. These installations tend to fail quite frequently and as much as we would like to have it available, this is beyond our scope.
SPA heating is always connected to pool heating, which is an optional service. So without pool heat, the spa won’t heat.

Pool cleaning & chemistry

Pools are regularly cleaned, treated and maintained ph/acids/chlorine at the owner’s expense as a courtesy. This happens about once a week.

The pool company has their own schedule (M-F, not on holidays). We can not provide dates/times when they come. Following inclement weather and/or high winds, pool service are not to be cleaned “on demand” for removal of fallen leaves or debris in the pool. When renting a property with a patio / pool, it is important to remember that your help in maintaining it, to some degree, is expected and required. A vacation rental is basically like a regular home, not a Suite in a Ritz-Carlton.

Intermediate cleanings are NOT included in rent and guest needs to order his own service with a local pool store if desired.

Automatic cleaner

Some pools may have a suction or electric automatic pool cleaner. You may disconnect the cleaner (simply unplug suction hose from skimmer or switch electric cleaner off) if interfering with your swim. Automatic pool cleaners are intended for owner use, so we cannot provide support how to use or replace in case of defect.

Rainy times – additional chlorine might be needed

After times of increased rain, the chlorine level might get lower than normal. If you notice algae buildup, please contact us, we will notify the Pool Company so they can check the next business day. If you notice algae during weekends, we recommend getting some chlorine at any pool store as an emergency measure in order to keep the water clear.

All our pools are thoroughly maintained and intermediate occurrences of small amounts of algae on steps/corners / low circulation areas may occur at any time. This is a sign of just the right amount of chemicals being present in the pool. As long as the algae is just in a few areas it is safe to swim.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any kind of refund for pool issues (algae, debris etc) including optional pool heat with the exception if our pool service deems and/or confirms the pool to be unsafe for more than 48 hours.

Pool fence

Some properties may provide a pool fence in the garage. We do not have any information if this is available, in good condition for a specific home. We also do not guarantee it.

If you decide to use it, it MUST be removed and put back where you got it (usually garage) before your departure.

If we find a pool fence at the pool up or laying around after your departure, you are subject to a $250 fee for fence removal – no exceptions.

Please be advised, at our T&C, children may not be left un-supervised on the property at any time.

Pool safety

We do not provide or warrant any pool safety features like fences, alarms, safety rings and such. Pool noodles or other toys found at the property are not suitable as pool safety devices. We do not provide pool lifts for the disabled.
The guest assumes full responsibility for any kids, pets or elderly people and understands he/she needs to bring any safety devices.

NO PETS IN POOL! If we find pets in pool, this is reason for immediate termination without refund.

Pool light

Sorry, we do not have info on pool lights unless these are automatic. We do not warrant or repair pool lights, that’s the scope of owner.

Pool lights tend to burn out quickly, if left on for an extended period of time. Therefore we do not suggest using them.  Pool lights are excluded from the damage deposit waiver and we have no info on switches and such.

Salt Water pool

Pool sanitation is maintained by chlorine for all pools. We do not support or provide salt water sanitation at this time.


We do not provide pool toys, but you may find some in the garage or pool area from previous guests. If you find any broken items, please discard, no need to replace or report.

IMPORTANT: Toys in pool area may not leave dirt, debris or damage the property including items which may be sucked into the pool system. Glass is strictly prohibited!!! This specifically includes caulks for kids, balloons (plastic near the water can be dangerous to wildlife), small plastic figures (can be sucked into the pool system) or heavy balls (damage to pool cage).

Any toys brought (including inflatable pool toys) should be removed before departure back into the garage or discarded.

Heavy Rain

During periods of heavy rain, the water level in the pool might rise above the normal level. Usually, the pools do not overflow, but even if, an overflowing pool should not cause a flooding hazard to the house as the pool decks are pitched away from the house. If you are unsure, please report here.


The lawn and yard are maintained on a regular schedule. Days, times and schedule may vary due to season / rain or other factors.

It is the guests’ responsibility to clean up items you brought into the yard/patio (toys, cans, glasses, cigarette/ashtray, pet remnants). Yard cleaning of your items is NOT included in cleaning fee.

All guests are advised, that especially during/after severe weather/draught yard maintenance is provided on regular schedule only.

Some properties offer electric heater service as option for an additional daily charge. You will find that information in the property description.

The temperature of swimming pools varies and depends on the day and night temperatures and wind. Therefore, there is no guarantee for a certain pool temperature.

The optional pool heater service (electricity for pool heater) must be ordered and paid before our service personnel can turn it on. We suggest ordering pool heat prior (suggestion 1 week) to your arrival. All pool heat orders are final.

The reason is: Our tech needs to physically go to the property and turn the service on. We try to do our best to accommodate late orders, however, it might take a few days before somebody may be able to turn it on. Depending on the specific property, our staff may enter the home if you are not present. 


Pool heat will be turned on the day of your arrival unless you choose the option of having it turned on 3 days prior to arrival (at an additional nightly charge). This is recommended especially for shorter stays. Depending on outside temperatures, weather, and wind, the pool will take several days to heat up. During or after periods of cold weather (esp. winter cold front) it may take longer to heat up. 

Law of physicals: 20,000 to 40,000 gallons of water take a huge amount of energy to heat up. No commercially available pool heater can do that instantly or within a few hours. So please plan ahead.


  • All orders are final.
  • Activation and deactivation fee is $25 each = $50
  • The daily charge for pool heat electricity $10 – $30 depending on the property and size of the pool – see property description),
  • The minimum charge for pool heat is one week + one-time fees.
  • Pool heat can only be ordered for the full stay, or reminder of stay. We cannot accommodate, one week with pool heat, one week without and so on. If your stay is longer than one month, we do allow pool heat for a minimum of one month and shutoff thereafter.

No specific pool temperature is guaranteed by this service. During and after cold fronts, or in winter general when days are short, pool heaters may struggle or even be unable to keep the water at the same temperature until the weather gets warmer. 

You pay for electricity for the pool heater for a minimum of 8 hours per day.  This is NOT a 24-hour heater service. The pool heater will be off during the night.

Without optional pool heat pool temperatures can go down to 52 to 60°F in December to March depending on the weather.  The pool heater will help to warm up the pool faster when it gets warmer outside, however, you should not expect “bathtub temperatures” during or after Florida winter cold fronts or cold nights.

Only our service person may change the settings of pool equipment.

Pool heat can only be requested for the entire length or remainder of your stay. It can not be turned on/off intermittingly.

There is an extra fee for each time we need to change the pool heat setting. Unfortunately, we are unable to activate / deactivate pool heater on short notices or provide refunds for previously ordered pool heater service.

We reserve the right to make pool heat unavailable at any time for maintenance or repairs. In case of a technical malfunction, we will refund the pool heat charge for the time the heating service was not available to you. No further credit will be given if pool equipment fails or is unavailable for any reason.

Understanding pool heat

—-> The pool heater and circulation pump are usually running during daytime hours (between approx. 10 am and 4 pm). Both are off at night!
IMPORTANT: No water circulation or a red light at the equipment does NOT indicate any malfunction when the pump is off.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to keep the water level at the correct height between pool service visits. If the water level gets too low (due to evaporation between pool service visits) the pool heater will NOT work. During times of low precipitation, evaporation may lower the water level to a degree where the circulation pump is sucking air. Consequently, the pool heater will not work. Instructions for  Correct water level see here. No REFUNDS if this happens!

The pool heat cannot be set higher than that maximum temperature (85°F)  in order to keep chemicals balanced. If you want a “hot” pool you need to book a property with SPA. Swimming pools are NOT intended for higher temperatures. Setting a pool to a higher temperature would trigger additional maintenance (bi-weekly pool service, increase in chemicals usage, increase in electricity) which are NOT included in the pool heat fee.

Properties with combined a spa/pool:

If you would like to use the spa you will need to order pool heat otherwise, the spa won´t heat up.

During usage of the spa, the pool will not be heated. Switching between the pool/spa will trigger a protection pause for the heat pump. So using the spa will practically prevent the pool from being heating during that time. Since there is a pool automation system installed the temperature reading on the heat pump itself will not be accurate.

Spa usage is limited to 2 hours at a time.


Our opinion:
Anybody is different when it comes to pool heat. So please don’t ask us, if you need pool heat on or off. As Floridians, we need it year-round. 😉

DISCLAIMER: Malfunction of the spa happens from time to time. Optional pool heat service is intended for pool heating, spa heating is just an additional benefit when purchasing pool heat. The spa will NOT be heated if the pool heater service is not activated.

Malfunction of Spa (Jets, blower, etc) does not entitle for a refund for optional pool heater service as long as pool heater was working and available for swimming pool.


Pool heat is a charge for electric power and depreciation on the pool heater. Therefore, we cannot provide any discount or reductions on pricing for pool heat.

Fences around properties are for the privacy of our guests.

Fences are not intended to secure against animals from outside or to keep smaller pets inside (in pet friendly homes).

Depending on the property, existing gates may be locked /secured or unlocked and we are unable to change these settings.

Please do NOT block or lock gates. Access from outside must always be possible.

Reason: Our providers (lawn / pool) need to access properties through these gates. If we find any gates blocked or locked, these blockages will be removed.

If providers are unable to access a property due to blockage installed by guest, we reserve the right to charge guest for additional trip charges due to blockages or for removal of locks or blockages.

Pet-friendly homes: Pets are not supposed to roam on properties without direct supervision of the owner.

1.) We cannot provide phone numbers of properties upfront since they may change. However, you can easily find out your phone number onsite by calling your cell phone or 1-800-437-7950 which reads the number calling from.

2.) Phone usage is included up to $5 per stay. Calls are just 2 cents a minute. So don’t worry about local / national calls.
If you want to use your phone extensively or for international calls, please let us know.

3.) If phone is not working, please check if cables are properly connected. If the property has a router, phone line should be connected to FON / FON1 outlet on the backside of the router.

You may also need to check internet / reboot router as described here.

All our properties are equipped with high speed Cable (Spectrum). Some properties may have Fiber-Optic (Frontier) instead. Fiber-Optic is always specifically advertised in the property description. Condos always will have Spectrum.
Internet is free of charge for your convenience. All properties provide WIFI.

Typical advertised internet speeds by provider:
Spectrum: 100 MBit down, 10 MBit up
Frontier: 150 MBit down and up (symmetrical)

Disclosure: We do not warrant speeds or service availability. This is a standard residential internet contract. You will receive the login credentials by email about 2 weeks before arrival.

Due to a variety of computers etc. we are unable to provide assistance with computer setup.

Please do not tamper with any router / modem install. If we find any router settings changed, routers reset to factory, miswiring and such, we need to send a tech to fix it. We will charge you for that.

In case you cannot connect to the internet, please follow these steps to troubleshoot before reporting:

1.) Make sure your device is working correctly including software drivers. Usually, if you can connect to any public hotspots like in restaurants this should be fine. If this fails, however, have your device checked.

If you are having problems with computer software or hardware, we suggest you call a local computer service.

2.) If you can connect to the wifi hotspot but do not get any data, please have the cable modem and/or router rebooted. These devices are usually located near the TV.
Please unplug both devices (if applicable, some homes only have one device) from power (please disconnect just power, no other cables), wait 30 seconds and replug them. After that wait at least 10 minutes until everything boots up. Then try reconnecting your computer / Ipad again.

IMPORTANT: Do not disconnect any network cables going into these devices. Just unplug the device itself at the power outlet. Mis-plugged network cables are your responsibility and require the visit of a technician to fix at your expense.

Properties equipped with “Fritz Box” brand router and phone service (not other routers):

3.) The cable from the modem (first box) to the router must be plugged into “LAN 1” at the FRITZ Box router. Cable may not be plugged anywhere else including NOT into DSL / WAN!

4.) There are several LED lights at the router. The light “Info” shows if internet connection is ok (info light on –> Internet ok). The light “internet with a phone symbol” has absolutely nothing to do with internet connection. Disregard this “Internet” light!!!!

If the problem persists, please report the problem here and we will try our best to resolve it.

Problems with internet / TV / phone do not constitute a reason for a refund under any circumstances. In most cases, a time frame for reconnection cannot be guaranteed as dependent on cable company. We are also unable to provide computer / TV / technical gadget assistance as a rental agency. Cable companies sometimes take serveral days to schedule for a repair. This is beyond our control.

You may not use the internet for any activity which is in violation of any laws. This specifically includes but is not limited to file sharing (torrent).  If we receive knowledge of misuse of the internet we may terminate the internet access and/or lease without refund and seek damages from the renter on the reservation. The renter understands and acknowledges to be responsible for his / her guests.

5.) For any other computer setup stuff, like adding media players, printers we recommend the support of a local computer geek. You may not tamper with our equipment or alter any settings without our prior written approval.

  • New Age Technology Solutions, Paul (941) 251-3976
  • Hurricane Computers, (941) 840-0093


PLEASE!: Please report any outage here

1.) All homes / SFR are equipped with a Roku TV, Roku Player or Chromecast device or TV for Cable TV.  Unless it is a Android / Roku TV itself, you need to chose HDMI1 or HDMI2 as input.

The APP for regular Cable TV is “YoutubeTV“. Most properties also provide Netflix for free.
Please never log out of any app on our device. If you do, we have to send a tech to fix that. MINIMUM CHARGE $125.

2.) Condos are on Spectrum Cable TV with a regular cable box. Please contact Spectrum for any help on the cable box or channel lineup.

3.) Warranted TV / Extra Bedroom TVs / Playstation TVs in extra bedrooms

All properties are equipped with TV service in the living room and master bedroom. Some properties may have additional TVs in other bedrooms, pool area etc. However, we do not warrant extra TVs.

If you encounter an outage with any TV, we try to assist. Please report here.

4.) Roku Access / Parental code

Unfortunately, access credentials for smart TVs / Roku players cannot be provided. If you want to install / have your own apps, please bring your own device.

Reason is: We did that in the past and the devices got cluttered with all kind of apps.

You may NOT log out of any of our apps on our device and use your credentials. If you do, we have to send a tech to fix that and charge you for that.

5.) DVD Players / Audio Systems / Outdoor speakers

Due to the complexity of owner’s systems we are unable to provide support for audio systems / devices. We suggest downloading the corresponding user manual from the manufacturer if you have any questions regarding the operation.

You will get live TV from the major networks and local channels as well as plenty of live sports.

YouTube TV Live is showing what is currently broadcasted by networks.

The Home section provides quick access to recommendations and things you haven’t finished watching,

To watch live TV (YouTube Live):

  • Set TV Input to HDMI 1 (if HDMI1 does not work, try 2 or 3)
  • Use “Roku” Remote
  • Press “Home” Button
  • Use “right” button to go to   and press OK
  • Use “right” button to go to “LIVE”
  • Use “up” and “down” arrows to choose channel, then press OK
  • Use “back” arrow to get back to channel list


Print version:

TV Instructions YouTube

1.) Living room and Master bedroom TVs

All properties are equipped with Spectrum Cable TV service provided by the condo association. Please switch to HMDI1 input on TV (some TVs may use a different port) and use the provided “Spectrum” Remote to use TV/change channels.

If you have any questions about the use of the cable TV box, we suggest contacting Spectrum, the cable provider, directly. They are able to walk you thru any issues you may encounter. We know it can be sometimes complicated, however they require the use of their box, nothing we can do.

Online Help FAQ Spectrum

Spectrum online chat

Spectrum Phone support hotline: (833) 267 6094

2.) 2nd, 3rd Bedroom TVs

We do not provide any TV service in 2nd / 3rd bedrooms. If there is a TV, it is for kids connecting their own devices (like Playstations). NO TV service will be available and we do not have any info on that.

If you find a TV not connected in the closet, this TV is for owner use only (or it is defective). We are unable to provide any service on this. Please leave it in the closet, it is not intended for guest use.

Cable providers stopped analog TV signal distribution in 2018, so connecting the TV to an outlet won’t work

For any questions please contact Spectrum as well.

Some properties have BBQs for the guests to use (see property description). The BBQ is a courtesy by the owner and sole responsibility of the guest (gas and cleaning). Vacation homes (houses) have a propane BBQ, some condo associations may provide community charcoal BBQs.

– We do not provide fuel / propane / charcoal.

All properties have a propane container (you can exchange (take it there)  it at gas stations / Walmart / Supermarket / Wal-greens for $20 +/-).
However, we do not refill propane / replace empty containers (Federal Regulations and the freaking insurance carrier prohibit transporting inflammable liquids commercially). So the container may be empty when you arrive.

We also can’t reimburse for propane refills. All BBQ fuels are the guest’s responsibility. Why? One reason: Because you get the food, not us! Just kidding…

Sometimes the BBQ igniter goes bad (battery empty, they tend to fail). If so, please use a regular lighter instead. But let us know, our housekeeping likely wants to take care during regular maintenance.

– Cleaning of the BBQ is also your responsibility.

BBQs are NOT fully cleaned (completely disassembled and cleaned) by our staff. BBQ cleaning is NOT included in the cleaning fee we charge. So please expect to clean it before usage.
Good people take care of their followers, and clean it after usage.

We recommend running the BBQ on hot for 20 minutes without any food to burn off excess grease inside the BBQ BEFORE usage. This is how a propane BBQ should be cleaned/ prepared for usage.

Be nice to the next guests. Let the BBQ run without any food on hot for another 10 to 20 minutes. Scrub off the grease from the cooking surface. Make sure no food is left on the BBQ. This is NOT yummy and shows your attitude if you did. So please, please show your grace to people and DONT do it.

BBQs are a courtesy by the owner for our guests. We are not responsible for anything related to BBQs.

Most properties will come with some BBQ tools, but we don’t restock those, so if you expect a certain tool, you may need to bring or buy it.

If you find the BBQ in bad shape, sorry. Florida weather can be harsh…, let us know we like to take care 😉

When encountering a power outage it is important to check if the whole condo / house or just a section of the home is out.

  1. Section of the home

    GFCI switch in USA

    GFCI switch in USA

    a.) Please check the breakers. These are usually near the entrance, in the garage, in a closet or outside (single family homes). In order to reset, push the breaker off and then on again. Some breakers cannot be reset without shutting them off first.

    b.) If power for bathroom(s) / kitchen outlets are out, you need to reset GFCI switches. In order to reset a GFCI, press the “reset” button. GFCI outlets usually break power to other outlets / light in the home as well. So one GFCI can trigger multiple sections to be without power. You may also need to check breakers.

    If you checked a.) and b.) and you still couldn’t resolve the issue, please contact us here.

  2. Whole house

    If you encounter a power outage in the whole condo / house, please check if the condos / houses surrounding seem to have power. All properties in Manatee County are equipped with Smart Meters, so the power company (FPL) usually gets notified automatically within minutes about power outages. But it can never hurt to report outages. You may call FPL 941-917-0708. They will ask for phone number or account number. You need to stay on the line until an operator takes your call and provide the address.

We do understand that it is important for you that your pet can travel with you – so some of our rental properties are pet-friendly and designated as such in the property listing. The term pets includes all domestic animals like but not limited to (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds). Unfortunately due to allergies, we cannot make any exceptions for pets in non-pet friendly homes.

We need to be notified at the time of reservation that you would like to bring your pet. We offer a non-refundable pet charge with your quote in order to save you the hassle to place an additional security deposit which is optional. We allow a maximum of 2 pets per property. “Visiting” pets are not allowed.

Cleaning after your pet is your responsibility. This includes all toys and other remains of your pet, inside and outside. If our cleaning team finds any remains from your pet outside, you will be charged an additional $250 deep cleaning fee to your card on file. No exceptions.

Guests with pets are asked to please respect the comfort and safety of other guests, both during and after your stay. For this reason, we ask that you please follow these guidelines during your time with us.

  • The property may not used as your pet’s toilet. Please bring a cat litter box and walk your dog outside the property. Always clean up afterward – it’s the law in Manatee County.
  • If it happens in the yard / home, always clean up immediately after your pet, both in public areas and in the yard of your rental property. If we notice dog poop not to be removed this is a severe violation which will result in immediate termination of your rental without refund. We also reserve the right to place an additional security deposit of $500 upon we become aware of any violations.
    It is your responsibility to remove the pet’s poop, waiting for rain is not an option. Pets shall not roam freely at any time without supervision at the property.
  • Please be aware that dogs are NOT allowed in swimming pools under any circumstances.
  • Please do not allow pets on furniture or beds unless covered by a sheet or blanket that you bring with you. It is also helpful to bring something (bed, blanket, etc.) on which you know your dog will be comfortable sleeping.
  • Please groom your pet, particularly if it is a breed prone to shedding. Pet hair can be difficult to remove, and the next renter in your property may not have a pet.
  • Please don’t leave your pet unattended for any period of time, neither in the house nor in the yard. Our service proiders for pool and lawn have access to the yard at their own schedule without prior notice.
    A crate is ideal for those situations in which you must leave.
  • Please do not allow your dog to bark excessively or to roam onto neighboring properties.
  • Please ensure that your dog’s medications and immunizations are up-to-date, especially flea treatment.

Failure to follow these regulations will result in termination without refund, as will the presence of a pet in any home not designated as Pet Friendly.

If pets are brought to a non pet friendly home a $500 fine will apply. Additional charges for cleaning or caused damages may apply. Unfortunately due to allergies, we cannot make any exceptions.

We do recognize that some guests may have special needs due to allergies. Some properties are marked as pet-friendly to also accommodate those little family members.  Despite a through fully cleaning after each guest, some allergens including traces of pet hairs may survive the cleaning process and trigger symptoms for new guests.

Consequently, we do not recommend any pet-friendly property if you suffer from any form of allergy.

Due to the nature of the vacation rental business, we cannot warrant any unit to be allergen free at all times. We strictly prohibit all guests from bringing pets in units, however, this does not constitute any warranty regarding odors, pet hair or other allergens.

Allergic reactions

If you encounter any kinds of symptoms during your stay in Florida:
There is quite some wildlife in Florida. Not the Alligators and other big boys. I am talking about ants, mosquitos, no-see-ums, ticks, fleas, sandfleas, and much more. Depending on area and season only a few minutes sometimes seconds at the wrong time may lead to itching bites. So we recommend using protection all the time if you are sensitive. At or near the beach, sandfleas may be present in lawn areas. So always keep the doors closed. Of course, we never can rule out any of these tiny creatures inside.

Just from our experience: Bed bugs are not common in this area of Florida. Our pest control company could never confirm any allergic reaction by a guest to be caused by bed bugs in 15+ years.

Another regular cause is detergents. We are using reputable detergents for all washing. However, some people have reported allergic reactions. So if you encounter any allergic reaction, we recommend getting a detergent you have used before and re-wash all liens and such.

We also strongly recommend replacing the A/C filter in your unit with an A/C filter specially designed to help reduce allergy symptoms. Regardless if the property is marked a pet-friendly. Florida’s has always some kind of pollen season due to nature. A/C filters can be purchased at any home improvement store. Just make sure to check the size before going to the store. The A/C system may never run without a filter.

The industry has introduced a “MERV” / “MPR” rating showing the particle size the A/C filter may catch. The higher the MERV / MPR rating the smaller particles which are caught including large allergens, such as household dust, pollen, dust-mite debris, mold spores, and pet dander and small allergens, such as smoke, smog, and bacteria.

Once you replace the filter, we suggest having the A/C fan (just the fan) run continuously to permanently filter the air and keep windows and door closed during your stay.

Due to the nature of the vacation rental business, we cannot warrant any unit to be allergen, odor or smoke-free at all times. We strictly prohibit all guests from smoking in units, however, this does not constitute any warranty regarding odors, smoke or other allergens.

We also do not warrant any specific allergy items including A/C filters and window screens.

We are unable to provide or reimburse for any kind of A/C filter or cleaning procedures besides the regular replacement of standard A/C filters as per our schedule. We also cannot have any unit cleaned or re-cleaned to allergy standards or with allergy specific detergents. Standard A/C filters are not intended to catch pollen or smoke particles. In case you temporarily replace the A/C filter during your stay please reinstall the standard A/C filter back before your departure.


The lawn and green life is maintained by external contractors. They come as needed and we have no influence on their schedule.


Irrigation in Florida is either sourced from well-water or reclaimed water. These waters may contain very small amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas – “rotten eggs smell”. The human body can smell tiny amounts of that gas. Unfortunately, this is how it works in Florida and nothing we can do about.


Pool, lawn, yard and other regular maintenance services may access the property whenever needed. They have their own schedule.

We always try to schedule special maintenance / repairs when a home is not rented / on change-over days. So we want to make everything as convenient as possible for our guests.
Sometimes schedules of contractors, government inspections or unforeseen emergency situation require work to be scheduled during a stay.

As much as we would like to do it otherwise, this is beyond our control and does not allow for any kind of refund.

Mosquitoes, Flying Insects

Please keep windows and doors that have no screens closed in order to avoid getting mosquitoes or other insects into the unit.

Some properties might be equipped with an outside misting system to help repel mosquitoes and other insects in the yard, pool, deck area. When installed, the system administers a fine mist of naturally-based, environmentally friendly liquid several times each day, which is safe for humans and pets. Times are being set depending on the season and can not be changed.

Roaches and ants

Because Florida is located in a semi-tropical climate, pest control services are performed regularly. Smaller bugs, like roaches and ants are common in this area. So if you find a roach or ants in or around a property, please keep any doors / windows closed and keep food stored in hard containers / fridge, not just plastic wrapped.

If the bugs are dead or just about to die, this is a sign pest control is working and there is nothing we can really do about.
If you find them alive, let us know, so pest control can spray at the property.

Please note the following:
1. It is common to find bugs and ants in tropical coastal areas.
2. Dead or dying bugs mean the pest control is working and nothing further can be done.
3. Bugs may take from 1 minute to 12 hours to die after they have entered an exterminated property.

Unfortunately, bugs are common in tropical and semi-tropical climate. We don’t like them, but there is nothing you can do, except as stated above.
For condos: Pest control is the responsibility of the condo association. We have no control when they perform the pest control. Feel free to report any issues and we will do our best to get the Condo Association address the problem asap.

We can not provide any refunds or changes due to 1 or 2 bug sightings.
Just remember, you booked a home in Florida, not Alaska, so there are no bears to worry about. 😉

Keep doors shut at all times

Florida is known for its wildlife. Especially at properties close to the water.
Just a few seconds with the unwatched patio door open, will allow a critter to enter the property. Usually they come and go, but you never know.

All homes are under regular pest control. However, even our fabulous pest control cannot prevent critters from entering a property when guest’s invite them by leaving doors open.

> So it is our policy that guests MUST keep doors including patio door shut at all times.

If you encounter any rodent droppings or sightings inside the home, please contact us, We will send pest control.
Pest control is available M-F.

Never leave groceries accessible to critters, even inside homes

Food must be stored in fridge, cabinets or in closed containers when unattended. Especially overnight.
Never leave plastic wrapped food anywhere including the kitchen (table)!

–> If you leave food uncovered or unattended, this is pure negligence in Florida and never a reason for any refund.

PLEASE, PLEASE: Never do this! It is a rental policy violation which provides potential harm to the property.

Raccoons / Opossums / Turtles / Wildlife

Raccoons, Opossums, and turtles are wildlife in Florida and get active by night. Those critters are climbing over/under fences. As long as they are visiting the backyard and leave thereafter, there is nothing we can do. Don’t leave food outside unattended. Florida is natural and Nature has wildlife.


Parking at Condominiums is limited to 1 (one) regular non-commercial passenger car. Light trucks may be permissible but we don’t warrant them or can give further details. Commercial signage is not permitted in any case on any vehicle. Trailers / RVs are not permitted. If parking spaces are assigned to unit numbers, you may only use that parking space.

Parking passes

Some properties require a parking pass to be displayed when your car is parked. Your introductory email will give any needed information before arrival.

USPS Mail delivery

Some condos provide a key for the USPS mailbox, but this is not guaranteed. We do not have any USPS keys.
If you plan on receiving USPS mail, we recommend you do either:
a.) have mail held at the postal office.
b.) rent a private PO box nearby and forward any mail there.
c.) wait until you are here and check to see if a USPS key is available at the property.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any details about USPS mailbox key availability since we don’t have that information.

Pool, Tennis, and Amenities

Condominiums provide different amenities. All amenities are for the sole enjoyment of our renters. No outside guests are permitted at any time using these amenities. Some properties may also require you carry a pool or recreational pass when using amenities. Please obey all rules.


Most condo communities do provide BBQs that you may use within the community. No BBQs may be used in enclosed lanais. Some communities may allow the use of private BBQs in outside areas, however, we can´t provide information on community rules, as these may change from time to time. Best is to ask at the clubhouse or office if this is permitted in the community you are staying in.


Properties on the water or in communities may offer fishing and / or boating (Kayaking) opportunities. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of any regulation concerning this. Here is some basic information, however due to the complexity of regulations please educate yourself so you can enjoy the day on the water.


A fishing license is usually needed even when fishing from a private pier or dock or shoreline. You may purchase licenses at any office. Some Wal-Mart stores may also offer purchase of fishing licenses.

You may not store greater amounts of raw fish in the property / kitchen fridge since this will result in bad odor residue and additional cleaning fees.

We do not provide any fishing equipment. You may find equipment at the property left by the owners or previous guests. However we do not service it or provide support.


All equipment is left by the owner as a courtesy. Neither do we service nor guarantee any of this equipment.

Handling / storage of caught fish

  • Fish (fish = fish and seafood) storage exceeding custom household amounts may not be brought to the property. Custom household amount is defined as 1 lbs of fish per person on the reservation.
  • Fish may never be stored outside a container provided by you.
  • Fish of any amount shall be consumed or frozen in a container provided by you within 24 hours.
  • Fish shall be disemboweled where and when you catch it. Fish may not be disemboweled in the kitchen or on the property under any circumstances.
  • Giblets and fish exceeding household amounts may not be handled, stored or dumped at the property including the trashcan.
  • Fishing equipment including bait may not be stored in the garage, at the pool or in the house at any time. The guest shall store all fishing equipment in his car or trailer (if applicable).

—> Any violation of these rules result in immediate eviction without refund and extra cleaning fees.


Emergencies  Ambulance, Fire, Police 911
Poison Control 800 282 3171


Property Issues 941 328 9999
Blake Medical Center  2020 59th St W Bradenton 941 792 6611
Manatee Memorial Hospital 206 2nd St E Bradenton 941 746 5111
Bradenton Urgent Care 4647 Manatee Ave Bradenton 941 745 5999
Pinnacle Medical Group 315 75th St W Bradenton 941 761 1616
Island Family Practices 3909 East Bay Dr #100 Holmes Beach 941 778 1007
Bay View Dental 1906 59th St W # C Bradenton 941 792 8288
Palms Dental 2006 Manatee Ave W Bradenton 941 748 7017
 Island Dental Spa 3909 East Bay Dr #205 Holmes Beach 941 778 2204
  • Single-family homes: You can receive regular USPS-mail and carrier deliveries at single family homes. A USPS-mailbox is at the property. No key is required.
  • Condos: Condo units do require a key to get access to USPS-Mailbox. Most properties do not provide that USPS-key, so we suggest requesting a mail hold at the postal office for the time you are at the property. You may receive carrier deliveries (UPS, Fedex) at the property but you need to check with the individual carrier for instructions.

If you expect deliveries before or after your departure we suggest making arrangements with a private mail holding / forwarding service. Previous clients reported good experience with the following providers:

1.) Bradenton

The UPS Store
7466 Cortez Rd W,
Bradenton, FL 34210
(941) 794-3241

2.) Anna Maria Island

Island Mail and more
3230 E Bay Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217
(941) 778-1911

Please be advised, we are unable to accept deliveries at our office. So please make adequate arrangements for any mail/deliveries.

All filters like AC filters, fridge filters, water filters are replaced on factory recommended replacement schedules and during regular maintenance on changeover days. If you want a filter to be replaced during your stay, it is your responsibility to do so. We cannot provide or reimburse for any intermediate filter replacements outside our regular schedule due to efficiency for our team. We do not recommend using water filters for fridges since this tend to clog. Instead we recommend using bottled water.


Garbage disposals may only be used to dispose of small and soft items, like small pieces of fruit, coffee grounds without paper filter etc. Bones and any hard or bigger items may NEVER be put into the disposal.

Disposals shall be operated from time to time in order to flush the drain and prevent bad odor. If you notice any bad odor from the kitchen drain, start cold water and let the disposal run for a few seconds.

The #1 rule of garbage disposal troubleshooting:

Issue #1:

You turn the switch on and hear NOTHING. No motor, no noise. The safety switch has tripped.

Push the reset button on the bottom or side of the disposer under the sink. If the disposal is still clogged then switch it off.


Issue #2:

You turn the switch on and hear a noise from the motor but the disposal is not turning:
Use a broom handle, wooden spoon, or something similar — NEVER YOUR HAND — and push against the blades (swivel impellers) on top of the turntable. A disposer tool is available for this but if one is not handy then a broom handle, wooden spoon or similar item will suffice. Push against the swivel impellers and try to rock them back and forth to free the turntable.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, please contact us. Do not put additional material into the disposal.


If you need groceries delivered, we suggest Publix or Aldi as they work with Instacart and have stores at several locations in West Bradenton / Anna Maria Island:
Publix delivery / pickup
Aldi delivery / pickup

Cleanings during your stay (additional)

Repeating / Weekly, booked before arrival: We are able to schedule repeating (weekly / bi-weekly) cleanings IN ADVANCE for your > 1+ month stay. This needs to be scheduled before your arrival. Please inquire here.

One-time, requested after arrival: For one-time, additional cleaning requests and / or after your arrival, you need to schedule directly with a local cleaning company. Our regular clean teams are unable to provide service on short notices at this point. 

Here are some examples for local cleaning companies, please inquire directly for prices and services before ordering:
Molly Maid
– Royal Maid
– Cleaning Butlers
– Clean as a Whistle


Beach Conditions:

4. Check out

Arrival / Key

All properties are equipped with electronic locks. You will receive the code by email in advance (7,3 and 1 day. before arrival). If not, please check your SPAM folder.

No need to stop at an office to pickup key. In fact, we do not have a staffed B&M office, everthing is handled online. So a “check-in” is not required.

More info here

Arrival time: after 4pm EST

Arrival time: Your rental is ready for you AFTER 4pm EST. The door code we emailed you may not work before 4pm.

Our housekeeping crews make every effort to ensure that your rental will be ready for occupancy by 4pm; however, on extremely busy days or when maintenance is needed, your unit may not be ready by 4pm.

Check-out time:  11am EST

In order to prepare the property for the next guest, we must strictly follow designated check-out times .
Guests that do not vacate the rental property by 11am will be charged a MINIMUM $100 fee.

Early arrival / late check-out / adding nights

Due to cleaning and maintenance schedule, we are unable to accommodate early check-in / late check-out requests.

Arrival time: AFTER 4pm
Check-out time: BEFORE 11am – sharp.

If you want to arrive early (before 4pm) or depart late (after 11am) we suggest booking another night when making the reservation. Some properties have specific arrival and departure dates, days or are just rented weekly. Adding one night later may not be available for those properties.

Please check availability for your property here before making that request. We need to confirm your request.

Your combo key won’t work before 3 to 4pm on arrival day. 

So if you arrive early, your door code is not supposed to work.  Please do not call / inquire about non-working codes when you arrive early at the property, there is nothing we can do.

Our Service hours

Our regular service hours are M-F 10am to 4pm. If you arrive or encounter a problem outside these service hours we try to address any immediate problems (lockouts or other immediate issues, like A/C outages) with priority. However, we do not have 24/7 service, so please plan adequately.

Here is the link to our contact form for any issues: contact form.

This is the fastest way to get any issues resolved. And we are here to help!

Our sales team does not have access to the reservation system, so problems reported to our sales team will not be forwarded to us.

We ask you to help us get everything ready in time for our next guest. Please make sure the door is locked before leaving. Our staff will enter the home after your departure to complete the check out – no need to meet them:

• House shall be left “broom clean.” Broom clean are at a minimum free of any excess stuff, like personal items and debris, and have been swept or vacuumed. Here is some common sense for broom clean:
• Start the first load of laundry if washer is provided in unit (does not apply if washer is outside of unit in some condo buildings)
• Dishes shall be cleaned, dried and the dishwasher be empty.
• Trash shall be bagged and placed in the outside trashcans. Trash left in unit results in additional cleaning fee.
• Toys and “stuff” (including temporary pool fence if put up) to be removed from pool area.
• Lights, ceiling fans or other electronics should be turned off.
• No crumbs on sofa or floor, empty cans, etc shall be in trash.
• Please turn the A/C to 80 degrees “COOL Mode” to save electricity.• Lock ALL doors and close the windows.
• Put keys back in the lock box (if applicable) and leave any garage door openers or remotes in the unit (if applicable, a fee will be charged if keys/openers/remotes are not returned upon departure).
• Departure time is 11 a.m. sharp, our staff will check all items before cleaning.


The cleaning fee does NOT cover:

• BBQ cleaning! If you use the BBQ: It’s solely your responsibility to clean it. DIRTY BBQ ==> EXTRA $50 FEE!!!
• Silverware, china and glasses. The dishwasher and sink should be empty when you leave. Make also sure all pots you used are clean.
• Trash in kitchen, yard, including bottles, cigarette butts, children’s toys etc.
• Any kind of dirt on walls, windows, floor, carpet, sofas and chair cushions. You are responsible for your children and guests.

If we find any such items in an unacceptable condition upon your departure an extra charge will be added to your credit card on file and / or deducted from the deposit.

5. After departure

We reserve properties on a “first come, first serve” basis. All our properties are bookable online, so we cannot offer the right of first refusal on rental properties. Please do not wait until departure to reserve, as many properties will be booked well in advance, especially in season. By booking early you might also avoid price increases that may occur during the year ;).

All properties are available with then current pricing online between 12 and 18 months in advance until a reservation is confirmed.

Neither the landlord nor us will be held responsible for any personal items left in a rental property. If you request us to retrieve and mail items left in the unit, you will be responsible for mailing/shipping charges plus $25.00 processing fee.

Please use our form here to request service for any forgotten / lost items:

We are not able to forward / hold mail addressed to the property. If you are expecting important mail / packages and such, please make sure these arrive after your arrival and before your departure. Any mail found before / after your departure will be returned “unknown” to the sender.

All items not picked up / claimed within 30 days will either be returned to sender or donated to charity at our sole discretion.

You have a suggestion how to improve our service our properties? We are happy to hear from you.

We are unable to provide individual responses to suggestions, but be assured all suggestions are reviewed by the appropriate department.

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6. Cancellation

All cancellations must be submitted in writing through the following form before the arrival date: . Please refrain from submitting cancellation/change requests thru 3rd party websites (VRBO / Homeaway /etc), since those will not be received and you need to contact them for further instructions. We are not responsible for misrouted requests.

Cancellation requests are final, cannot be reversed or conditioned.

Cancellation Policy:

All deposits / payments are non-refundable. If you cancel a reservation before the final payment becomes due (i.e. 30 days before arrival), we will not charge the final payment. If you cancel after the final payment was due, the final payment is non-refundable.

Extra fees (pet fees, pool heat, extra guest fees, extra services) are always non-refundable.

Payment Policy:

Reservations require a
a.) 25% deposit (25% of rent, taxes and additional fees (for example cleaning fee, pet fee, damage deposit waiver fees) plus
b.) 100% of insurances (for example damage insurance) and registration fees for homeowners associations (if applicable) with the reservation.

Reservations made within 30 days of arrival require payment made in-full at the time of reservation.

All payments are non-refundable. We recommend the purchase of 3rd party travel insurance for the protection of payments and deposits.

Standard cancellation policy

A.) 31 or more days prior to the commencement of rental:
100% of reservation deposit and any prepayments made are non-refundable.

B.) 30 days or less prior to the commencement of rental:
100% of the total amount is non-refundable.

Generally, all monies paid are non-refundable including fees.

While we do not sell travel insurance ourselves, we suggest purchasing 3rd party travel insurance at the time you make the reservation.

We are unable to reimburse for any cancellations, all bookings are final. Inline with travel industry standards, all reservations / tariffs marked as “non-refundable” are non-refundable regardless a property gets re-rented.

Reservation deposit

See here: Reservation deposit

Change policy

Date changes are not permitted. No credit for unused nights or early departures.

You may extend your reservation and add additional night(s). However, reservations may not be shortened.

Medical issues & Personal Emergencies

No refund, standard cancellation policies apply.

As much as we’d like to, we cannot give refunds, allow date changes or make any exceptions in case of a medical issue to the standard cancellation policy.

If you purchased travel insurance and want to file a claim: Our team is happy to support you with any required documentation.

While we do not sell travel insurance ourselves, we suggest purchasing 3rd party travel insurance at the time you make the reservation.

Change of travel plans:

No refund, standard cancellation policies apply.

Hurricane Policy

See our Hurricane policy here.

Pandemic / Covid-19 policy:

Covid-19 policy
Standard cancellation policies apply.

Trip cancellation for concern or fear of travel associated with sickness, epidemic, or pandemic, including Coronavirus (COVID-19) and/or local travel restrictions in your home Country / State / City or quarantine requirement are not a reason for an exception of the regular cancellation policy.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual exemptions to these policies since we are bound by contracts with owners. Please act responsibly and purchase travel insurance at time of booking from a 3rd party to cover your risks.

Documentation for 3rd party travel insurance

We are happy to provide documentation about your cancelled trip for your 3rd party travel insurance upon request.
1.) Please contact your insurance and ask them to send / email you the forms they require for documentation. 2.) Please email these forms to us. 3.) Due to privacy policy, we cannot provide any information directly to 3rd parties without your consent. So it is essential that you (as our original guest) is submitting the request / forms to us. We are unable to respond to requests by 3rd parties directly. Your privcy is important to us.

Red tide

Red Tide is an algae bloom affecting Florida’s waters from time to time. It is a natural event, usually local and beyond our control. For this reason, the regular cancelation policies apply. If a property is directly on the water (i.e. on a Canal, the Bay or directly Beach Front) and that specific property is severely affected, we will consider a case-by-case solution. Red tide may come and go anytime, so don’t be fooled by media reports.

Here is a link to current red tide samples by FWC.

Standard Cancellation Form

Link to the cancellation form.

Hurricane Policy: If the local Government orders a mandatory evacuation for the particular area where your rental property is located AND you don’t stay at the property, you will receive a full refund for the nights the evacuation order is in place. Any refunds will be processed within 30 days after the event is over.

Hurricane Information: Unless you hear from us, your reservation is NOT affected. Almost all the time, out of State News Media is not reporting the full situation when it comes to weather events, so be relaxed, your safety is our highest concern.

Other situations, like State of Emergency, voluntary evacuations, canceled/delayed flights, changed travel plans including blocked roads in other areas of the Country, the standard cancellation policy will apply.

We suggest purchasing 3rd party travel insurance when you make the booking in order to be protected for unforeseen circumstances.

Uninhabitable property

If a property becomes uninhabitable for any reason (like fire, wind, flood or departure from our rental program) we will advise and offer an adequate or better substitute property. We reserve the right to cancel all or part of a any future reservation. In case we need to cancel, you will receive a full refund for unused days of your stay.

Please be advised that before, during and shortly after inclement weather events, our resources are bound to protect our guests and properties, which have first priority. We kindly ask you to wait a few days until the situation gets clear before inquiring about any future travel plans.

(last updated November 1, 2020)

Vacation rentals in Manatee County, Florida are open. No restrictions are in place.

If you want to reschedule your trip, please cancel and rebook.

Our regular cancellation policies apply.

In line with travel insurance carriers, trip cancellation for concern or fear of travel associated with sickness, epidemic, or pandemic, including Coronavirus (COVID-19), is not a reason for the exception of the regular cancellation policy.

If you are under a stay-at-home-order, flight cancellation, or have health concerns, please contact your travel insurance, airline, or government agency for advice on reimbursement.