Mail / Packages

  • Single-family homes: You can receive regular USPS-mail and carrier deliveries at single family homes. A USPS-mailbox is at the property. No key is required.
  • Condos: Condo units do require a key to get access to USPS-Mailbox. Most properties do not provide that USPS-key, so we suggest requesting a mail hold at the postal office for the time you are at the property. You may receive carrier deliveries (UPS, Fedex) at the property but you need to check with the individual carrier or HOA office for instructions.

If you expect deliveries before or after your departure we suggest making arrangements with a private mail holding / forwarding service. Previous clients reported good experience with the following providers:

1.) Bradenton

The UPS Store
7466 Cortez Rd W,
Bradenton, FL 34210
(941) 794-3241

2.) Anna Maria Island

Island Mail and more
3230 E Bay Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217
(941) 778-1911

Please be advised, we are unable to accept deliveries at our office. So please make adequate arrangements for your mail/deliveries.

3.) What should I do with packages / mail I find at the property / in the mailbox for someone else?
You can either leave it in the mailbox or take it inside. Packages, we kindly ask to take them inside (e.g. garage).
We are unable to forward, so it will be at the owner’s discretion what happens mail found.