Hurricane Policy

Hurricane Policy: If the local Government orders a mandatory evacuation for the particular area where your rental property is located AND you don’t stay at the property, you will receive a full refund for the nights the evacuation order is in place. Any refunds will be processed within 30 days after the event is over.

Hurricane Information: Unless you hear from us, your reservation is NOT affected. Almost all the time, out of State News Media is not reporting the full situation when it comes to weather events, so be relaxed, your safety is our highest concern.

Other situations, like State of Emergency, voluntary evacuations, canceled/delayed flights, changed travel plans including blocked roads in other areas of the Country, the standard cancellation policy will apply.

We suggest purchasing 3rd party travel insurance when you make the booking in order to be protected for unforeseen circumstances.

Uninhabitable property

If a property becomes uninhabitable for any reason (like fire, wind, flood or departure from our rental program) we will advise and offer an adequate or better substitute property. We reserve the right to cancel all or part of a any future reservation. In case we need to cancel, you will receive a full refund for unused days of your stay.

Please be advised that before, during and shortly after inclement weather events, our resources are bound to protect our guests and properties, which have first priority. We kindly ask you to wait a few days until the situation gets clear before inquiring about any future travel plans.