We do recognize that some guests may have special needs due to allergies. Some properties are marked as pet-friendly to also accommodate those little family members.  Despite a through fully cleaning after each guest, some allergens including traces of pet hairs may survive the cleaning process and trigger symptoms for new guests.

Consequently, we do not recommend any pet-friendly property if you suffer from any form of allergy.

Due to the nature of the vacation rental business, we cannot warrant any unit to be allergen free at all times. We strictly prohibit all guests from bringing pets in units unless marked as pet friendly, however, this does not constitute any warranty regarding odors, pet hair or other allergens.

All properties are under professional pest control. We try to avoid pesticides and harsh cleaners whenever possible. However, due to the circumstances of the rental business there may be situations when it cannot be avoided. Unfortunately we are unable to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Allergic reactions

If you encounter any kinds of symptoms during your stay in Florida:
There is quite some wildlife in Florida. Not the Alligators and other big boys. I am talking about ants, mosquitos, no-see-ums, ticks, fleas, sandfleas, and much more. Depending on area and season only a few minutes sometimes seconds at the wrong time may lead to itching bites. So we recommend using protection all the time if you are sensitive. At or near the beach, sandfleas may be present in lawn areas. So always keep the doors closed. Of course, we never can rule out any of these tiny creatures inside.

Just from our experience: Bed bugs are not common in this area of Florida. Our pest control company could never confirm any allergic reaction by a guest to be caused by bed bugs in 15+ years.

Another regular cause is detergents. We are using reputable detergents for all washing. However, some people have reported allergic reactions. So if you encounter any allergic reaction, we recommend getting a detergent you have used before and re-wash all liens and such.

We also strongly recommend replacing the A/C filter in your unit with an A/C filter specially designed to help reduce allergy symptoms. Regardless if the property is marked a pet-friendly. Florida’s has always some kind of pollen season due to nature. A/C filters can be purchased at any home improvement store. Just make sure to check the size before going to the store. The A/C system may never run without a filter.

The industry has introduced a “MERV” / “MPR” rating showing the particle size the A/C filter may catch. The higher the MERV / MPR rating the smaller particles which are caught including large allergens, such as household dust, pollen, dust-mite debris, mold spores, and pet dander and small allergens, such as smoke, smog, and bacteria.

Once you replace the filter, we suggest having the A/C fan (just the fan) run continuously to permanently filter the air and keep windows and door closed during your stay.

Due to the nature of the vacation rental business, we cannot warrant any unit to be allergen, odor or smoke-free at all times. We strictly prohibit all guests from smoking in units, however, this does not constitute any warranty regarding odors, smoke or other allergens.

We also do not warrant any specific allergy items including A/C filters and window screens.

We are unable to provide or reimburse for any kind of A/C filter or cleaning procedures besides the regular replacement of standard A/C filters as per our schedule. We also cannot have any unit cleaned or re-cleaned to allergy standards or with allergy specific detergents. Standard A/C filters are not intended to catch pollen or smoke particles. In case you temporarily replace the A/C filter during your stay please reinstall the standard A/C filter back before your departure.