Occupancy / Maximum Occupancy


During the booking process, you are required to enter the number of adults and children in your group. This information is legally binding and shows the maximum number of people in your group at any time. If the number of people in your group exceeds the number of people you can enter, the selected property is not suitable for your needs and shall not be booked.

You are entitled to occupy your vacation rental with the maximum number of people shown on your reservation (including all children + adults). If you are getting visitors staying overnight for a period of time, please let us know before your guests arrive. You may never exceed the number of people shown on your reservation, except with our prior written approval.

Some properties are priced based on per-person rates, so the number of guests might influence the rate.

Maximum Occupancy

All our rental properties have different maximum occupancy, you will find that information in the property description. The maximum occupancy includes all adults and children.

We might be able to do an exception for one (one – not two, three or four) baby in a crib on a case-by-case basis on a prior notice. This needs to be requested and confirmed by us before booking. Not all properties are equipped with cribs, so this is your responsibility to rent a crib if needed.

Large gatherings (like parties) are not permitted on the premises under any circumstances (even for a short period of time) and will result in immediate eviction for forfeiture of all monies paid. All amenities like docks, pools, clubhouses, bathrooms, washers and dryers are for the sole benefit of our guests.

Fees in cases of over occupying

If we find the number of people staying in one of our properties, is exceeding the number of people on your reservation but is under the maximum occupancy for your vacation rental (usually 2 people per bedroom, so maximum occupancy for a 3 bedroom home is 6) as shown on the property description, we may charge a daily fee of $10 per over occupying person retroactive from your arrival.

If the number of people staying is exceeding the number of people allowed on a property as shown in the description, we will charge a daily fee of $20 for the people over the reservation but under the property’s maximum occupancy and $40 per over-occupying person above the property’s maximum occupancy, retroactive from your arrival. In this case, at our sole discretion, we may also elect to terminate your rental without refund.

In cases of over-occupying, we may also place a security deposit of up to $1,000 in addition to the above-referenced fees on your credit card on file for any damages. If the credit card cannot be authorized for that amount, we may require payment by money order or cash to prevent immediate termination. The deposit damage waiver becomes void in all cases of over-occupying.

We consider over-occupying an attempt of fraud and have zero tolerance policy in these cases.


Reduction in number of guests after booking

If the number of extra guests is reduced after booking – no refund will be given. All monies paid are non-refundable.