Condo related info


Parking at Condominiums is limited to 1 (one) regular non-commercial passenger car. Light trucks may be permissible but we don’t warrant them or can give further details. Commercial signage is not permitted in any case on any vehicle. Trailers / RVs are not permitted. If parking spaces are assigned to unit numbers, you may only use that parking space.

Parking passes

Some properties require a parking pass to be displayed when your car is parked. Your introductory email will give any needed information before arrival.

USPS Mail delivery

Some condos provide a key for the USPS mailbox, but this is not guaranteed. We do not have any USPS keys.
If you plan on receiving USPS mail, we recommend you do either:
a.) have mail held at the postal office.
b.) rent a private PO box nearby and forward any mail there.
c.) wait until you are here and check to see if a USPS key is available at the property.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any details about USPS mailbox key availability since we don’t have that information.

Pool, Tennis, and Amenities

Condominiums provide different amenities. All amenities are for the sole enjoyment of our renters. No outside guests are permitted at any time using these amenities. Some properties may also require you carry a pool or recreational pass when using amenities. Please obey all rules.


Most condo communities do provide BBQs that you may use within the community. No BBQs may be used in enclosed lanais. Some communities may allow the use of private BBQs in outside areas, however, we can´t provide information on community rules, as these may change from time to time. Best is to ask at the clubhouse or office if this is permitted in the community you are staying in.