Hot water

Hot water – Troubleshooting

First step:

a.) In Florida, the water heater can be on the other side of the house.  You need to let water run for at least 30 seconds but up to 5 minutes to get hot water. That is common in Florida!

b.) Don’t rely on the markings on faucets etc. If you can’t get hot water on one specific faucet when running water on red / hot marking, please try the blue / cold marking. Again let the water run for at least 5 minutes.

TIP: For summer month:
When you start the cold water side it may feel “lukewarm” instantly but this side will be the cold side.
The other faucet will feel icy cold instantly but turn warm within 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
Don’t get fooled by expecting the lukewarm water side to be the hot water side.

Our experience is in 50% the faucets are connected just the opposite way, so don’t rely on any markings.


If these steps do not help:

Locate the water heater. It is usually located in a closet or in the garage.
Touch the top of the water heater and see if one of the lines is warm. -> If it is warm, your water heater is ok, try Step 1 once more.

If it is NOT warm, try to find the breaker box, and see if the breaker is in. Reset the breaker. Now you need to wait a few hours so the water can heat up 6 hours minimum.

Please report problems ONLY after making these practical common sense checks.

Other related issues with water heater

Hot water gets cold after taking a shower / bath.

All our properties are standard single family homes or condos. So hot water is limited to tank capacity. If you are a bigger party or are taking extended showers / baths, please give the water heater time (a few hours!!!) to reheat new water. Especially when it’s cold outside, it will take much longer for the water heater to heat up fresh water. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do about this.

Past Reviews mentioning “no hot water”

We have seen an increased amount of guests not contacting us during their stay, but complaining afterwards, threatening to leave an online review unless a refund is given. This practice is commonly known as feedback extorsion.

Generally and by T&C, unreported after departure claims, never qualify for any kind of refund. However, we take those seriously to make sure the next guest does not encounter any issues. So far, we have not found one case where an after departure claim about “no hot water in the house” was true. All properties had hot water. Once a breaker was off, but that’s why we have written these FAQs.
So we have zero tolerance policy for feedback fraud. If you encounter any such review online, please let us know. While we don’t respond to specific reviews per company policy, we want to make sure this specific guest won’t be able to leave another review for any of our and affiliated properties ever again.