Cleaning Fee

All properties are cleaned by an approved outside cleaning company before your arrival and after your departure.

Items the cleaning fee does cover:
– Wash linens, towels, bedding.
– Vacuum the carpets and mop other floors.
– Clean bathrooms, sinks, showers, and toilets
– As a courtesy: 1st night of supplies (Toilet paper, kitchen paper and such)

What the cleaning fee does NOT cover:
– Any kind of excessive dirt anywhere. All properties have to be left broom clean. Also, please discard your trash regularly and don’t leave it in the home until your departure.
– Dishwashing, cleaning of pots, pans, silverware and such
– BBQ cleaning of any kind.
– Outside cleaning
– Allergy cleaning of any kind.
– All floors are mopped, please keep in mind, floors are intended for walking not toddlers playing.
– Pool cleaning, removal of toys inside and outside.
– Any outside cleaning, including pet or smoking remains
– Sanitation of kitchen utensils
– Hard cleaning of the stove before each guest (this is done during quarterly deep cleanings, but not between each guest). Most stoves have a self-cleaning program if needed.