Cancellation policies

All cancellations must be submitted to us in writing thru our website form at
Please no cancellation / change requests thru 3rd party webites, since these are not received in real-time.
Cancellation requests are final, cannot be reversed or conditioned.

Standard cancellation policy

For all cancellations made:
31 or more days prior to the commencement of rental: 100% of reservation deposit is non-refundable
30 days or less prior to the commencement of rental: 100% of the total amount is non-refundable.

We recommend that you purchase 3rd party travel insurance at the time of your booking. We do not sell travel insurance.  Click here for more info on travel insurance.

Reservation deposit

See here: Reservation deposit

Change policy

a.) If the guest decides to leave the premises before the rental end date no refund is due.
b.) Changes in reservation dates are only available in certain circumstances and can only be granted on a case by case basis at our sole discretion.
Changes in reservation dates may not release guest from payment for the original rental period.

A $150 change fee will be applied for any date changes + any difference in daily rental rate.

Personal Emergencies & medical issues:

No refund, standard cancellation policies apply.

Change of travel plans:

No refund, standard cancellation policies apply.

Hurricane Policy

For days with mandatory evacuation orders by public officals for the specific area your rental is located, you will receive a full refund for the nights the evacuation order is in place.
For any other situations, like canceled flights or blocked roads due to special weather events, we will evaluate the situation after the event and try to resolve the issue on a case-by-case basis. However, this can only be determined after an event and in our sole discretion.

Uninhabitable property

If a property becomes uninhabitable for any reason (like fire, wind, flood or departure from our rental program) we will advise and offer an adequate or better substitute property or cancel a future reservation. In case we need to cancel, you will receive a full refund.

Please be advised that before, during and shortly after inclement weather events, our resources are bound to protect our guests and properties, which have first priority.

We kindly ask you to wait a few days until the situation gets clear before inquiring about any future travel plans.

RED Tide

Red Tide is an algae bloom affecting Florida’s waters from time to time. It is a natural event, usually local and beyond our control. For this reason, the regular cancelation policies apply. If a property is directly on the water (i.e. on a Canal, the Bay or directly Beach Front) and that specific property is severely affected, we will consider a case-by-case solution.

We truly understand medical issues can arise before or during your vacation triggering a change in travel plans. We suggest getting travel insurance from a 3rd party when making a reservation. We do not sell travel insurance nor can we make exceptions regarding the cancellation policies based or due to medical issues.

So in order for you to be protected, please follow our advice when making a reservation and purchase travel insurance.

Cancellation Form

Link to cancellation form.