Cancellation policies

All cancellations shall be submitted in writing through the following form before the arrival date: . Please refrain from submitting cancellation/change requests thru 3rd party websites (VRBO / Homeaway /etc), since we do not have any control if or when those will be received / processed. We are not responsible for misrouted requests.

Cancellation requests are final. Those cannot be reinstated, reversed or conditioned.

Cancellation Policy:

All deposits / payments are non-refundable. If you cancel a reservation before the final payment becomes due (i.e. 30 days before arrival), we will not charge the final payment. If you cancel after the final payment was due, the final payment is non-refundable.

Payment Policy:

Reservations require a
a.) 25% deposit (25% of rent, taxes and additional fees (for example cleaning fee, pet fee, damage deposit waiver fees) plus
b.) 100% of insurances (for example damage insurance) and registration fees for homeowners associations (if applicable) with the reservation.

Reservations made within 30 days of arrival require payment made in-full at the time of reservation.

All payments are non-refundable. We recommend the purchase of 3rd party travel insurance for the protection of payments and deposits.

Extra fee payments (like pet fees, pool heat, extra guest fees, extra services) are final, non-refundable and cannot be credited or reapplied for different services if original service is not required any longer.

Standard cancellation policy

A.) 31 or more days prior to the commencement of rental:
100% of reservation deposit and any prepayments made are non-refundable.

B.) 30 days or less prior to the commencement of rental:
100% of the total amount is non-refundable.

Generally, all monies paid are non-refundable including fees.

While we do not sell travel insurance ourselves, we suggest purchasing 3rd party travel insurance at the time you make the reservation.

We are unable to reimburse for any cancellations, all bookings are final. Inline with travel industry standards, all reservations / tariffs marked as “non-refundable” are non-refundable regardless a property gets re-rented.

Reservation deposit

See here: Reservation deposit

Change policy

Date changes are not permitted. No credit for unused nights or early departures.
You may extend your reservation i.e. add additional night(s). However, reservations may not be shortened or moved. Some properties may only allow special arrival or departure days.

Medical issues & Personal Emergencies

No refund, standard cancellation policies apply.

While we do not sell travel insurance ourselves, we suggest purchasing 3rd party travel insurance at the time you make the reservation.

Change of travel plans:

No refund, standard cancellation policies apply.

Hurricane Policy

See our Hurricane policy here.

Pandemic / Covid-19 policy:

Covid-19 policy
No refund, standard cancellation policies apply.

Trip cancellation for concern or fear of travel associated with sickness, epidemic, or pandemic, including Coronavirus (COVID-19) and/or local travel restrictions in your home Country / State / City or quarantine requirement are not a reason for an exception of the regular cancellation policy.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual exemptions to these policies since we are bound by contracts with owners. Please act responsibly and purchase travel insurance at time of booking from a 3rd party to cover your risks.

Documentation for 3rd party travel insurance

We are happy to provide documentation about your cancelled trip for your 3rd party travel insurance upon request.
1.) Please contact your insurance and ask them to send / email you the forms they require for documentation. 2.) Please email these forms to us. 3.) Due to privacy policy, we cannot provide any information directly to 3rd parties without your consent. So it is essential that you (as our original guest) is submitting the request / forms to us. We are unable to respond to requests by 3rd parties directly. Your privcy is important to us.

Red tide

Red Tide is an algae bloom affecting Florida’s waters from time to time. It is a natural event, usually local and beyond our control. For this reason, the regular cancelation policies apply. If a property is directly on the water (i.e. on a Canal, the Bay or directly Beach Front) and that specific property is severely affected, we will consider a case-by-case solution. Red tide may come and go anytime, so don’t be fooled by media reports.

Here is a link to current red tide samples by FWC.

Standard Cancellation Form

Link to the cancellation form.