We have a NO-PARTY, NO-GATHERING policy at our properties.

All properties are in residential neighborhoods. We want to be good neighbors. So while you are vacationing, your neighbor may just be living his normal life next door.

If you want to party, gather or invite friends:
Find an external spot, like a restaurant, club or beach. Or come together at a friend’s home or one of the public parks in Manatee County.

Our properties are not intended and we do NOT allow gatherings, parties, family reunions or come-together. This means NO! If we get complaints and we find a party going on without our prior WRITTEN consent, this may mean, termination even in the middle of the night WITHOUT refund.

It is a simple rule, no explanation needed. NO PARTY!
We are doing this because we want to be nice to neighbors. If guests are violating, guests are RUDE!

The occupancy limit in the listing applies to all guests staying at the property and all temporary visitors (it includes all adults and kids). This occupancy limit may never be exceeded.

Condos: 4 people (including kids)
Single Family Home: 6 people (including kids), unless marked higher in a specific property listing.

Can I invite friends for diner?

Yes, you can invite visitors up to the maximal occupancy limit of the specific property. No overnight stays for visitors and NO noise complaints, please.

Example: If have a reservation showing 2 adults and 1 kid staying at a single family home, you may invite additional 3 people (adults or kids) into a single family home. Visitors are NOT allowed to use amenities like pool, BTW. So no visiting kids jumping in and out of the pool. This annoys the neighbors. Please use common sense.

What are the consequences for violations?

Depending on the situation a warning may or may not be given. 
We reserve the right: If we receive a noise complaint (police, neighbor, or one of our retired CIA agents on payroll ;-)) or find people gathering at the property, we may immediately terminate without refund since you violated this policy. There is ZERO tolerance!

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