Keep critters out – keep doors shut

Keep doors shut at all times

Florida is known for its wildlife. Especially at properties close to the water.
Just a few seconds with the unwatched patio door open, will allow a critter to enter the property. Usually they come and go, but you never know.

All homes are under regular pest control. However, even our fabulous pest control cannot prevent critters from entering a property when guest’s invite them by leaving doors open.

> So it is our policy that guests MUST keep doors including patio door shut at all times.

If you encounter any rodent droppings or sightings inside the home, please contact us, We will send pest control.
Pest control is available M-F.

Never leave groceries accessible to critters, even inside homes

Food must be stored in fridge, cabinets or in closed containers when unattended. Especially overnight.
Never leave plastic wrapped food anywhere including the kitchen (table)!

–> If you leave food uncovered or unattended, this is pure negligence in Florida and never a reason for any refund.

PLEASE, PLEASE: Never do this! It is a rental policy violation which provides potential harm to the property.

Raccoons / Opossums / Turtles / Wildlife

Raccoons, Opossums,¬†and turtles are wildlife in Florida and get active by night. Those critters are climbing over/under fences. As long as they are visiting the backyard and leave thereafter, there is nothing we can do. Don’t leave food outside unattended. Florida is natural and Nature has wildlife.