Internet / Speeds / Wifi

All our properties are equipped with high speed Cable (Spectrum). Some properties may have Fiber-Optic (Frontier) instead. Fiber-Optic is always specifically advertised in the property description. Condos always will have Spectrum.
Internet is free of charge for your convenience. All properties provide WIFI.

Typical advertised internet speeds by provider:
Spectrum: 100 – 200 MBit down, 10-20 MBit up
Frontier: 150MBit -1000 MBit down and up (symmetrical)

The specific WIFI Access codes and password have been sent in your confirmation email.
Here are our standard codes, however, certain properties may vary due to cable provider change:

Access Point: seatoskyrealty
PW: a1234567890s2s

Disclosure: We do not warrant speeds or service availability. This is a standard residential internet contract. You will receive the login credentials by email about 2 weeks before arrival.

Due to a variety of computers etc. we are unable to provide assistance with computer setup.

Please do not tamper with any router / modem install. If we find any router settings changed, routers reset to factory, miswiring and such, we need to send a tech to fix it. We will charge you for that.

In case you cannot connect to the internet, please follow these steps to troubleshoot before reporting:

1.) Make sure your device is working correctly including software drivers. Usually, if you can connect to any public hotspots like in restaurants this should be fine. If this fails, however, have your device checked.

If you are having problems with computer software or hardware, we suggest you call a local computer service.

2.) If you can connect to the wifi hotspot but do not get any data, please have the cable modem and/or router rebooted. These devices are usually located near the TV.
Please unplug both devices (if applicable, some homes only have one device) from power (please disconnect just power, no other cables), wait 30 seconds and replug them. After that wait at least 10 minutes until everything boots up. Then try reconnecting your computer / Ipad again.

IMPORTANT: Do not disconnect any network cables going into these devices. Just unplug the device itself at the power outlet. Mis-plugged network cables are your responsibility and require the visit of a technician to fix at your expense.

Properties equipped with “Fritz Box” brand router and phone service (not other routers):

3.) The cable from the modem (first box) to the router must be plugged into “LAN 1” at the FRITZ Box router. Cable may not be plugged anywhere else including NOT into DSL / WAN!

4.) There are several LED lights at the router. The light “Info” shows if internet connection is ok (info light on –> Internet ok). The light “internet with a phone symbol” has absolutely nothing to do with internet connection. Disregard this “Internet” light!!!!

If the problem persists, please report the problem here and we will try our best to resolve it.

Problems with internet / TV / phone do not constitute a reason for a refund under any circumstances. In most cases, a time frame for reconnection cannot be guaranteed as dependent on cable company. We are also unable to provide computer / TV / technical gadget assistance as a rental agency. Cable companies sometimes take serveral days to schedule for a repair. This is beyond our control.

You may not use the internet for any activity which is in violation of any laws. This specifically includes but is not limited to file sharing (torrent).  If we receive knowledge of misuse of the internet we may terminate the internet access and/or lease without refund and seek damages from the renter on the reservation. The renter understands and acknowledges to be responsible for his / her guests.

5.) For any other computer setup stuff, like adding media players, printers we recommend the support of a local computer geek. You may not tamper with our equipment or alter any settings without our prior written approval.

  • New Age Technology Solutions, Paul (941) 251-3976
  • Hurricane Computers, (941) 840-0093