No Smoking policy

Guests are prohibited from smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes and the funny stuff) IN all our rental properties.

Any residual signs of smoking indoors, or smoking debris outdoors, will incur additional charges ($250 minimum in case of evidence of smoking inside the rental) and the guest’s credit card on file will be charged.

You may smoke outdoors (only the legal stuff and only if the Condo rules allow it), however, please keep doors/windows closed so smoke does not go inside. If you smoke on the property you are responsible for discarding all smoking debris appropriately. Clearing up cigarette butts and stuff is NOT included in your cleaning fee. Do NOT throw any cigarette butts onto the lawn or the street.

Although we try to do our best and prohibit smoking in our units, this does not imply any warranty that a unit has been smoke free in the past. So if you encounter any smoke smell, we are happy if you let us know. But honestly, there is nothing we can do.

If you are allergic to situations like that, we do not recommend renting a privately owned vacation rental for various reasons. As much as we would like, we expressly do not warrant a smoke smell free and pet hair free environment. All units are individually owned, so we only have limited control.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up the smell clearing process from our side. We suggest letting the A/C run.