Check out procedure

We ask you to help us get everything ready in time for our next guest. Please make sure the door is locked before leaving. Our staff will enter the home after your departure to complete the check out – no need to meet them:

• House shall be left “broom clean.” Broom clean are at a minimum free of any excess stuff, like personal items and debris, and have been swept or vacuumed. Here is some common sense for broom clean:
• Start the first load of laundry if washer is provided in unit (does not apply if washer is outside of unit in some condo buildings)
• Dishes shall be cleaned, dried and the dishwasher be empty.
• Trash shall be bagged and placed in the outside trashcans. Trash left in unit results in additional cleaning fee.
• Toys and “stuff” (including temporary pool fence if put up) to be removed from pool area.
• Lights, ceiling fans or other electronics should be turned off.
• No crumbs on sofa or floor, empty cans, etc shall be in trash.
• Please turn the A/C to 80 degrees “COOL Mode” to save electricity.• Lock ALL doors and close the windows.
• Put keys back in the lock box (if applicable) and leave any garage door openers or remotes in the unit (if applicable, a fee will be charged if keys/openers/remotes are not returned upon departure).
• Departure time is 11 a.m. sharp, our staff will check all items before cleaning.


The cleaning fee does NOT cover:

• BBQ cleaning! If you use the BBQ: It’s solely your responsibility to clean it. DIRTY BBQ ==> EXTRA $50 FEE!!!
• Silverware, china and glasses. The dishwasher and sink should be empty when you leave. Make also sure all pots you used are clean.
• Trash in kitchen, yard, including bottles, cigarette butts, children’s toys etc.
• Any kind of dirt on walls, windows, floor, carpet, sofas and chair cushions. You are responsible for your children and guests.

If we find any such items in an unacceptable condition upon your departure an extra charge will be added to your credit card on file and / or deducted from the deposit.