Extend your stay

Extended stay policy

Please check the availability of your property informally in our booking calendar before making the request here. Please check our availability online here. 

You may request a later departure date by submitting this form. The request is binding and if there is availability we will confirm within 24 hours by email.
Certain properties may have specific arrival and departure days, so not all requests can be accepted.

If you are on a special rate which does not allow extensions, we will contact you with the applicable rate for the extension period before finally confirming. 

Regular rate: The rate for the additional nights will be prorated from your existing rate. You agree that any charges from this extension may be charged to the credit card on file.

There is NO NEED to DOUBLE REPORT or call us for extensions. This needs to be processed by our back office team and our phone hotline cannot help you with extensions. 

Cleaning fee: We are happy to waive the cleaning fee if your extension is finalized (signed and paid) at least than 24 hours before original departure time. If your extension if finalized less than 24 hours of original departure time, cleaning fee cannot be waived.

Please make sure to advise cleaning of your continued stay, otherwise any perishable items will be discarded.

Calling for extensions will delay the process. Once this form is sent, one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible after receiving this form usually within 24 hours. All extensions MUST be confirmed in writing by our system. Do not make any further plans before receiving our confirmation.