Beach and Sports Equipment

1.) Beach equipment

Our vacation rentals are equipped with all kinds of “stuff” to be used ON the property. Like patio chairs and such.
We do not provide any specific items to be used outside of the property, like on the beach. If you take any towels outside the property, please make sure to return them before your departure.

Over time, owners and prior guests may have contributed beach equipment and left these items behind for the next guests. So we leave these items for your enjoyment. Like beach chairs, beach umbrellas, sand toys and whatever you can think of you might need at the beach. However, these things come and go, gets lost, break etc. Sometimes owners store items on their property as well. They may pull these items any time.

Our policy is not to provide such items, so we are not replacing them. If a property has it, fine. Feel free to use it. If not, feel free to add it  (don’t cost much) and the next guest will enjoy it. We won’t reimburse you, though… Sending out service personnel and counting inventory for these items is simply impossible and highly inefficient. So our policy is not to replace or restock such items so we are able to provide great service instead.

If you find any such items in disrepair you may report that, or simply discard the items.

2.) Sports equipment

Some properties may provide sports equipment like Golf clubs, Tennis rackets or kayaks. Feel free to use all the equipment you find on a property. However, we are unable to provide any missing equipment or items needed. So we are not responsible for paddles, clubs, balls, life jackets and such. All equipment is provided by the owners as a courtesy. If you require certain items we recommend bringing them. Often times accessories can be acquired locally at low cost (e.g. Wal-Mart). However, we are unable to reimburse for any missing items.

3.) Rental places

As a property rental company we are unable to provide specific items, furniture or equipment. However, there there are local companies where you may be able to rent items any such as kayaks, bicycles, beach equipment, and much more:

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