Pool Information

Pool pump / circulation

Pool pumps operate on a timer and are operative about 6 hours per day (may vary due to the season and special pool circumstances). Normal hours are between 10 am to 4 pm, but it can vary due to Daylight savings time. Please notify us if you notice the pump not operating for more than 24 consecutive hours.

It is fully normal for the circulation pump to be off at night.
When the pump is off – any error light should be ignored.

Please report any error messages only if persistent for more than 24 hours.

Pool water level low / pump running loud (your responsibility between pool service visits!)

If you hear the pump sucking air or is “blurbing”, your support is needed to compensate for water lost due to evaporation and protect the equipment. This happens especially during times of no rain for several days.

First, please check if the water level is getting low. If so, please use the garden hose to fill water. The ideal water level should cover 2/3 of the skimmer inlet (the square box on the side wall of the pool where the water is sucked in – see picture –>).

If you notice extensive water (=refill each day more than 2-3 inches) over several days or other problems, please let us know.

HINT: If you ordered optional pool heater service, evaporation will be increased. Any moisture / water around the pool heater is fully normal. This does NOT constitute a leak. That water is just from condensation.

Pool Equipment

Please be advised only our service personnel may make changes to pool equipment. Guests are not allowed to modify any settings. Any damages or re-adjustments due to tampering with pool equipment may trigger damages. Please be advised, that any expenses we incur will be charged to your credit card on file.

Pool cleaning & chemistry

Pools are regularly cleaned, treated and maintained ph/acids/chlorine at the owner’s expense as a courtesy. This happens about once a week.

The pool company has their own schedule, so we can not provide dates/times when they come. Following inclement weather and/or high winds, pool service are not to be cleaned “on demand” for removal of fallen leaves or debris in the pool. When renting a property with a pool, it is important to remember that your help in maintaining it, to some degree, is expected.

Intermediate cleanings are NOT included in rent and guest needs to order his own service with a local pool store if desired.

Automatic cleaner

Some pools may have a suction or electric automatic pool cleaner. You may disconnect the cleaner (simply unplug suction hose from skimmer or switch electric cleaner off) if interfering with your swim. Automatic pool cleaners are intended for owner use, so we cannot provide support how to use or replace in case of defect.

Rainy times – additional chlorine might be needed

After times of increased rain, the chlorine level might get lower than normal. If you notice algae buildup, please contact us, we will notify the Pool Company so they can check the next business day. If you notice algae during weekends, we recommend getting some chlorine at any pool store as an emergency measure in order to keep the water clear.

All our pools are thoroughly maintained and intermediate occurrences of small amounts of algae on steps/corners / low circulation areas may occur at any time. This is a sign of just the right amount of chemicals being present in the pool. As long as the algae is just in a few areas it is safe to swim.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any kind of refund for pool issues (algae, debris etc) including optional pool heat with the exception if our pool service deems and/or confirms the pool to be unsafe for more than 48 hours.

Pool fence

Some properties may provide a pool fence in the garage. We do not have any information if this is available, in good condition for a specific home. We also do not guarantee it.

If you device to use it, it MUST be removed and put back where you got it (usually garage) before your departure.

If we find a pool fence at the pool up or laying around, you are subject to a $250 fee for fence removal – no exceptions.

Please be advised, at our T&C, children may not be left un-supervised on the property at any time.

Pool safety

We do not provide or warrant any pool safety features like fences, alarms, safety rings and such. Pool noodles or other toys found at the property are not suitable as pool safety devices. We do not provide pool lifts for the disabled.
The guest assumes full responsibility for any kids, pets or elderly people and understands he/she needs to bring any safety devices.


Pool light

Sorry, we do not have info on pool lights unless these are automatic. Pool lights tend to burn out quickly, if left on for an extended period of time, therefore we do not suggest using them. Pool lights are excluded from the damage deposit waiver.

Salt Water pool

Pool sanitation is maintained by chlorine for all pools. We do not support or provide salt water sanitation at this time.


We do not provide pool toys, but you may find some in the garage or pool area from previous guests. If you find any broken items, please discard, no need to replace or report.

IMPORTANT: Toys in pool area may not leave dirt, debris or damage the property including items which may be sucked into the pool system. Glass is strictly prohibited!!! This specifically includes caulks for kids, balloons (plastic near the water can be dangerous to wildlife), small plastic figures (can be sucked into the pool system) or heavy balls (damage to pool cage).

Any toys brought (including inflatable pool toys) should be removed before departure back into the garage or discarded.

Heavy Rain

During periods of heavy rain, the water level in the pool might rise above the normal level. Usually, the pools do not overflow, but even if, an overflowing pool should not cause a flooding hazard to the house as the pool decks are pitched away from the house. If you are unsure, please report here.


The lawn and yard are maintained on a regular schedule. Days, times and schedule may vary due to season / rain or other factors.

It is the guests’ responsibility to clean up items you brought into the yard/patio (toys, cans, glasses, cigarette/ashtray, pet remnants). Yard cleaning of your items is NOT included in cleaning fee.

All guests are advised, that especially during/after severe weather/draught yard maintenance is provided on regular schedule only.

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