Do´s and Dont´s

Air conditioning / Heater

Please keep all windows and doors shut when using the cooling or heating system.

Vertical Blinds

To position the slats to open, pull the chain. To draw the blinds, pull the cord. Never draw the blinds unless the slats are in the open position!


Use toilet paper only! Other materials are not flushable and will clog the toilet. Please do NOT throw baby wipes or feminine hygiene products in the toilet!

Kitchen Waste disposal

is only to be used for soft vegetable leftovers in small amounts. Under no circumstances may pits, bones, fatty or greasy stuff, skin, meat or anything similar be discarded thru the disposal. If we find the disposal and / or drain clogged with any of these items, we reserve the right to charge you for the repair.

Garage doors/doors

Please keep garage doors closed unless entering or exiting the garages. This is in order to avoid bugs or critters get access into the house.