Availability & Booking

The most current availability and pricing is displayed on our website. You are able to secure your vacation rental right here.

Best price guarantee:
Most travel websites (like VRBO, AirBNB, Booking.com, Expedia.com) charge you extra fees when booking through them. They are just middlemen who want to make a buck from your hard-earned vacation. The recommended place you will find the best deals for your dream destination is here on www.suncoastvacation.com. Our website is always up to date and shows you the real prices. No tricks, no gimmicks, no nonsense. If you want to save cash next time, just book with us directly here on www.suncoastvacation.com. We don’t do discounts like military or repeated guest discounts, no need to ask for it. The best price is shown right here on www.suncoastvacation.com. So do yourself a favor and book directly on www.suncoastvacation.com and keep your money where it belongs: In your pocket. 😎

1.) First, you book your rental thru the website https://www.suncoastvacation.com/vacation-rentals/ . You will be shown a draft of the rental agreement and a detailed statement of fees before the reservation request is finalized.

The name on the reservation must match the name on the Credit Card.

a.) At the end of the booking process, you will be given the option to sign the rental agreement electronically. If you do not sign the agreement here, a reminder email will be sent to you. You need to respond within 24 hours!

Make sure to WHITELIST our email URL @suncoastvacation.com to prevent any emails going to Spam or Other folder.

b.) You also need to email (id@suncoastvacation.com) or upload https://www.suncoastvacation.com/id/ a photo of your picture ID for security purposes within 24 hours after making the reservation

3.) If you did not sign the rental agreement during the booking process you must do so within 24 hours.

Receiving a signed contract and picture ID within 24 hours is essential to avoid your reservation request being canceled.

—> If we do not receive the signed contract and picture ID we will cancel your reservation with outstanding IDs or contract signature requirements after 24 hours. We will ONLY send one reminder email!

4.) All documents will be reviewed by our staff within 24 hours. Once all documents are reviewed and ok’ed your CC will be charged.

5.) All reservation requests are checked against various  databases, including credit and criminal checks. Your request is also checked for feasibility through our AI.

If any of these checks flag your request as implausible, it will be rejected. Your CC will not get charged.Any rejected request cannot be reinstated or rebooked. Please do not try to rebook under different name, a rejection is always final and includes all members of the party. Due to privacy laws, we are unable to provide specific details why a request was rejected. 

Any 3rd party fees will usually be refunded automatically within a few days. However, the specific date is beyond our control.

6.) Please note that all our properties are individually owned, so we can not change the reservation to a different property after the reservation is confirmed. Thanks for your understanding.

All rates are final at the time of booking and cannot be adjusted before final payment becomes due.