Equipment / Kitchen / Bath

Looking forward to coming to sunny Florida? Here is a list of items you will find in all our vacation rentals:

– air conditioning/heating (Please keep doors and windows closed when running A/C).
– fully equipped kitchen including washer and dryer, vacuum and such
– linens & towels (except for crib/baby bedding)
– hairdryer (some properties may provide it, but not guaranteed)
– iron & board

All vacation rentals are different and all our rentals are equipped with standard necessities and what the individual owners feel is appropriate in a vacation property.
We are aware, that guests may sometimes ask for special equipment. We know requirements may be different if you are staying for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any such special equipment, like slow cookers, area rugs, additional tables and such.
So if you require any special equipment beyond what is customary for a vacation, we strongly recommend bringing it with you since we are not able to provide these items.

How to use specific Gadgets / Appliances – Instructions

Our properties are equipped with household like appliances and gadgets, like TVs and kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, we don’t have user manuals or instructions available for specific devices. If you are encountering usage issues, please check with how to use a specific device. Most of times, user manuals are available for download. There is no need to open a ticket since our team is unable to provide any device specific user instructions.

If, after checking online with the specific user manual, you are feeling a device is technically malfunctioning, please open a ticket and describe your issue. Depending on the issue, we will get the device checked out, repaired and / or replaced. Due to the current labor shortage, any appliance malfunctions may take extended time to resolve which is beyond our scope.

Kitchen / Bath

Paper products, cleaning supplies, and kitchen items (spices, condiments) may be used if leftover from the previous guest but are not restocked and the sole responsibility of the guest. Paper rolls and toilet paper for the 1st night are on site, however, it is the guests’ responsibility to provide such items during the stay.

If you want certain items (water, paper products, food, etc) to be ready when you arrive, you may want to look at Publix delivery services. So you can order everything from home and all items will be delivered to your vacation rental right after your arrival. Wal-Mart at 5315 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210 is open until 11pm.

Regular Pots, Pans, and Kitchen utensils are available at all rentals. However since these items are used by guests, there is no guarantee that all items you are expected from your own kitchen are available. So if you are in need for a rice cooker, a crockpot, pressure cooker or blender, special cooking or steak knives, or any other items not essential for a week’s vacation by most, please bring them. No need to bring regular table silverware, regular pans, or pots though. 😉

NOTICE TO GUESTS: “Dishware, glassware, kitchenware and/or utensils (ITEMS) have been provided in this room as a guest convenience. These items have been cleaned within this room or unit using ordinary household dishwashing facilities and agents. They have not been sanitized according to Federal and State standards for public food service establishments.” ITEMS in cabinets are not fully cleaned between each guest and we recommend to clean your items before usage.

All properties provide a standard filter coffee maker, however, due to environmental impact, we do not support capsule coffee makers.

All equipment is kept in good working order for the main purpose of that item: So a fridge is supposed to cool, a washer to wash clothes, a TV to watch TV. Any side, add-on functions (like ice makers in fridges or special steam programs for the washer) are not guaranteed.

We are unable to provide an inventory list of such items upfront since items are counted before and after each arrival and inventory may change over time.

Our cleaning crew is advised to discard any open food items except for spices and such. They are advised to keep any sealed items since we do not like to waste food. However, in case they overlook anything or you feel differently when it comes to food-related, feel free to discard.

BBQ / Outside Area

Some properties have propane BBQs for the guests to use (see property description). Some condos may provide a community charcoal BBQ but no individual BBQ. Any BBQ is a courtesy by the owner/association and sole responsibility of the guest (gas and cleaning).

There is a propane bottle for each property (so you can exchange it at gas stations for about $20). However, due to Federal and insurance regulations, we cannot refill gas / replace empty containers. So we recommend getting an exchange container before you start your cookout. Don’t blame us if it runs empty. If the container had some gas when you arrived, we think it is a courtesy to leave some gas for the next guest.

As a reminder: BBQ cleaning and outside cleaning is NOT included in the cleaning charge, so please clean BBQ and outside areas after usage / before departure. We reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning fee if we find in the outside area dirt, butts, dirty BBQ, dog remains and such.

BBQs are a courtesy by the owner for our guests, we are not responsible for uncleaned, defective BBQs.

We are happy to check the BBQ although it is not a warranted item.
Service calls due to empty gas bottles will be considered unnecessary and will be disregarded and not be answered.

Baby equipment

Our rentals will not provide baby equipment. Some properties may have a crib or baby equipment left behind from previous guests in the Master bedroom or garage. Feel free to use it. Baby/crib bedding is NOT provided.
We recommend getting/bringing all baby equipment.

There are companies in the area where you can rent baby equipment.
You may either pick it up or have it delivered to your rental:

Disability Aids

We do not provide any utensils, assistive devices or other equipment for the elderly, seniors, or disabled. If you need such equipment, please bring your own. We can also not allow any permanent installations of equipment by guests in our vacation units and all temporary installations (for example raised toilet seats) need to be removed before departure and the unit must be brought to its original condition.


Our staff does a complete inventory before move-in and after check out. In the event of a discrepancy in inventory, any lost items + service fee will be automatically charged to the guest’s credit card on file.

We show pride and do warrant our homes to be used for living purposes. Therefore we will try our best to repair/replace all items essential for that purpose. Delays in repair due to missing parts, contractor scheduling do not constitute any reason for a refund.

If you find any items not working, we are happy for any reports since only when living in a property you get the experience of smaller items not working. We will take your report very important and try to resolve any issues.

However, we do not warrant non-essential items like but not limited to motion sensors, window blinds, screens, kitchen utensils, radios, additional TVs (except for the one in the living room), DVD players, Icemaker, Garbage disposal, pool light, Microwave, dishwasher, outside furniture or ceiling fans.

Please reports any losses before your departure.