Power outages

When encountering a power outage it is important to check if the whole condo / house or just a section of the home is out.

  1. Section of the home
    GFCI switch in USA
    GFCI switch in USA

    a.) Please check the breakers. These are usually near the entrance, in the garage, in a closet or outside (single family homes). In order to reset, push the breaker off and then on again. Some breakers cannot be reset without shutting them off first.

    b.) If power for bathroom(s) / kitchen outlets are out, you need to reset GFCI switches. In order to reset a GFCI, press the “reset” button. GFCI outlets usually break power to other outlets / light in the home as well. So one GFCI can trigger multiple sections to be without power.¬†You may also need to check breakers.

    If you checked a.) and b.) and you still couldn’t resolve the issue, please contact us here.

  2. Whole house / Community

    If you encounter a power outage in the whole condo / house, please check if the condos / houses surrounding are having power. All properties in Manatee County are equipped with Smart Meters, so the power company (FPL) is notified the second the power goes out.

    Here is a link to FPL for current power outages. You may also call FPL 941-917-0708 for updates. You need to stay on the line until an operator takes your call and provide the address.

    Please be advised, power outages are not emergency situations where we can provide help. So there is no need to report to us or file an emergency report. Here is a link to FPL for current power outages