Fishing / Boating

Properties on the water or in communities may offer fishing and / or boating (Kayaking) opportunities. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of any regulation concerning this. Here is some basic information, however due to the complexity of regulations please educate yourself so you can enjoy the day on the water.


A fishing license is usually needed even when fishing from a private pier or dock or shoreline. You may purchase licenses at any office. Some Wal-Mart stores may also offer purchase of fishing licenses.

You may not store greater amounts of raw fish in the property / kitchen fridge since this will result in bad odor residue and additional cleaning fees.

We do not provide any fishing equipment. You may find equipment at the property left by the owners or previous guests. However we do not service it or provide support.


All equipment is left by the owner as a courtesy. Neither do we service nor guarantee any of this equipment.

Boat lifts & docks

Boat lifts are for owner usage only. Unfortunately, due to liability and damage risks no guest usage is allowed.
Boat docks may be used with guest assuming all risk involved.

Handling / storage of caught fish

  • Fish (fish = fish and seafood) storage exceeding custom household amounts may not be brought to the property. Custom household amount is defined as 1 lbs of fish per person on the reservation.
  • Fish may never be stored outside a container provided by you.
  • Fish of any amount shall be consumed or frozen in a container provided by you within 24 hours.
  • Fish shall be disemboweled where and when you catch it. Fish may not be disemboweled in the kitchen or on the property under any circumstances.
  • Giblets and fish exceeding household amounts may not be handled, stored or dumped at the property including the trashcan.
  • Fishing equipment including bait may not be stored in the garage, at the pool or in the house at any time. The guest shall store all fishing equipment in his car or trailer (if applicable).

—> Any violation of these rules result in immediate eviction without refund and extra cleaning fees.