Condominium TV Service

1.) Living room and Master bedroom TVs

All properties are equipped with Spectrum Cable TV service provided by the condo association. Please switch to HMDI1 input on TV (some TVs may use a different port) and use the provided “Spectrum” Remote to use TV/change channels.

If you have any questions about the use of the cable TV box, we suggest contacting Spectrum, the cable provider, directly. They are able to walk you thru any issues you may encounter. We know it can be sometimes complicated, however they require the use of their box, nothing we can do.

Online Help FAQ Spectrum

Spectrum online chat

Spectrum Phone support hotline: (833) 267 6094

2.) 2nd, 3rd Bedroom TVs

We do not provide any TV service in 2nd / 3rd bedrooms. If there is a TV, it is for kids connecting their own devices (like Playstations). NO TV service will be available and we do not have any info on that.

If you find a TV not connected in the closet, this TV is for owner use only (or it is defective). We are unable to provide any service on this. Please leave it in the closet, it is not intended for guest use.

Cable providers stopped analog TV signal distribution in 2018, so connecting the TV to an outlet won’t work

For any questions please contact Spectrum as well.