Arrival / Check-in and Check-out time

Arrival / Key

All properties are equipped with electronic locks. You will receive the code by email in advance (7,3 and 1 day. before arrival). If not, please check your SPAM folder.

No need to stop at an office to pickup key. In fact, we do not have a staffed B&M office, everthing is handled online.

More info here

Check-in time: 4pm EST

Check-in time: AFTER 4pm EST, your door code will not work before 4pm

Our housekeeping crews make every effort to ensure that your rental will be ready for occupancy by 4pm; however, on extremely busy days, your unit may not be totally ready by 4pm.

Check-out time:  11am EST

In order to prepare the property for the next guest, we must strictly follow designated check-out times .
Guests that do not vacate the rental property by 11am will be charged a MINIMUM $100 fee.

Early check-in / late check-out / adding nights

Due to cleaning and maintenance schedule, we are unable to accommodate early check-in / late check-out requests.

Check-in time: AFTER 4pm
Check-out time: BEFORE 11am – sharp.

If you want to arrive early (before 4pm) or depart late (after 11am) we suggest to add and pay for one or two nights when making the reservation. You may add nights during your stay (if vacant and available). Please check availability for your property here before making that request. We need to confirm your request.

Most electronic door codes will start working about 1 hour before check-in time (4pm).

So if you arrive early, your door code is not supposed to work.  Our crews are busy preparing properties so we do not have real time status of cleaning.

Feel free to drive by your property. However, our office cannot provide with updated information during arrival day.

Your combo key most likely won’t work before 4pm on arrival day.

Please do not call / inquire about non-working codes when you arrive early at the property.

Our Service hours

Our regular service hours are M-F 10am to 4pm. If you arrive or encounter a problem outside these service hours we try to address any immediate problems (lockout or other immediate issues, like A/C outages) with priority. However, we do not have 24/7 service, so please plan adequately.

Here is the link to our contact form for any issues: contact form.

This is the fastest way to get any issues resolved. And we are here to help!

Our sales team does not have access to the reservation system, so roblems reported to our sales team will not be forwarded to us in a timely manner.