Beach and Sports Equipment

1.) Beach equipment

Our vacation rentals are equipped with items to be used ON the property. Like patio chairs, pool towels and such.

We are not providing, warranting or replacing items to be used outside of the property – like on the beach or in the park. This is valid for all properties unless specifically noted in the property description.

If a property is providing beach items, feel free to use those. Owners or previous guests may have left such items, but we don’t have information or inventory. If not, feel free to add those (don’t cost much) and the next guest will enjoy them.

We can’t reimburse, though… Sending out service personnel to count inventory for beach items is impossible and highly inefficient.

So our policy is not to replace or restock beach items, but many will leave stuff behind.

If you find any beach items in disrepair you may report, or simply discard the items. Many leave broken items behind, and we discard from time to time. So feel free to do so as well.

2.) Sports equipment

Some properties may provide sports equipment like Golf clubs, Tennis rackets, kayaks or bicycles. Feel free to use all the equipment you find on a property, unless it is marked for owner use only.

However, we are unable to provide any missing equipment or items needed. So we are not responsible for paddles, clubs, balls, life jackets and such. All equipment is provided by the owners as a courtesy. If you require certain items we recommend bringing them. Often times accessories can be acquired locally at low cost (e.g. Wal-Mart).

3.) Rental places

As a property rental company we are unable to provide specific items, furniture or equipment. However, there there are local companies where you may be able to rent items any such as kayaks, bicycles, beach equipment, and much more: