Inoperable equipment / Issues / light

All our properties are well maintained and fully checked before your arrival.

If you encounter any issues, please report issues as stated below.

1.) Small items (batteries, bulbs, fans, lights and such)

Our “Bulb” policy: Small items within a household can fail or be missing at any time. Light bulbs, pantry ant traps, batteries for remotes or other small items below $25 pare cost-effective to be just replaced by the guest.

If you are having issues with any of these items, simply go ahead and buy a replacement. Then, snap a photo of the receipt and email it to us.
We are happy to reimburse you for the cost. If it’s more expensive, please contact us before purchasing. Any reimbursements will be refunded upon your departure.

You may also just report any defective items and we put it on the list for our housekeeping staff upon your departure.

Please understand, it’s not cost-effective to send somebody out for a new bulb or battery.

If a fan is not working, make sure it is turned on. Ceiling fans often times come with a remote. However, they still have the switch (line to pull) on the fan itself. So both items must be “on” in order for the fan to work. If a remote is present make sure the batteries are ok. If you still encounter issues, please report here::
Please be advised, ceiling fans are considered an add on and will only be serviced during regular maintenance.

In Florida many light switches just turn an outlet on and off, not a ceiling light So if you are having problems with light (most likely in the bedroom) but may be in the living room as well, please do the following check before reporting an issue:

a.) Check if there is a lamp on your nightstand or floor lamp. Please turn it on with the the switch on/at the lamp.
b1.) If it is turning on: -> Leave it on and change the plug with the outlets nearby.
IMPORTANT: On these double outlets, sometimes one is switched and one is not, so try both!
b2.) If now, check the blub and try again.
c.) Then flip the wall light switch at the door around so see if one of the outlets is switched.

In 99% of all cases this procedure will resolve issues for a non-working light switch or finding the switched outlet.

For the 1% left… Send us a maintenance request here. We are here to help!

2.) Hot water

See here

3.) A/C

If there is an additional humidistat next to the thermostat, please make sure and leave it to “ON” position. This will solve 99% of issues if there is one!

HumidistatPlease set thermostat to the desired temperature. Please make sure that unit is set to “on” and either heat or cool, depending on what you need.

If the unit is still not working, please turn it OFF and report the issue:

4.) Refrigerator / Freezer

If you find the fridge and/or freezer not working properly, we recommend the following steps:

a.) Unplug the appliance and wait for 2 minutes. Then replug power and wait 1-3 hours to see if it is cooling properly.

If this isn’t helping please report issue here:

Appliance repair companies are available M-F only. As much as we’d like, we have not found a competent appliance repair company doing service on the weekends/holidays.
We are not responsible / reimburse for any spoiled food.

5.) Electric Stove

Electric stove burner tips: Simple fixes solve most problems.

If one of your electric stovetop burners isn’t heating, it could just be a bad connection in the burner socket. The cleaning team sometimes removes the burners in order to be able to clean the stove, so checking if the burner is put in correctly will most likely resolve your issue without waiting for maintenance to check the burner. Just remove the burner by pulling it out and plug it back in.

Another thing to try is to remove it and plug it into another burner receptacle of the same size. Then, turn on that element. If it still does not work, the element will need to be replaced. Please contact us to let us know and we will send maintenance.

6.) Washer / Dryer

Washer does not spin or does not finish cycle:
– Unplug it to reset the computer, plug it back in after a few minutes.
– Try to open and close the door 6 times in a span of 12 seconds. Many washing machines are set up so that this signals the computer to reset.
– Let washer cool down for a few hours.
– To see if the washing machine is fixed, set it on “small load” and allow it to run without anything inside. If it runs through its full cycle, it is safe to begin washing clothes in it again.

Dryer does not work or stops mid cycle:
– Check to see if the circuit breaker that powers the dryer has tripped.
– Check if integrated lint filter (and filter between dryer ant vent if applicable) are empty.
If problem persists please let us know.

We formally do not warrant or reimburse if laundry is unavailable during your stay. While we are always trying to schedule tech visits asap, appointments and / or repairs may take serveral days. We also cannot reimburse for expenses related to any outage.

7.) Report the issue

Please report any issues here: 
This is the fastest way!

Or you may call (941) 328 9999. Please do not double report the same issue.

If you resolve the issue after reporting, we kindly ask and expect you to notify us immediately. If our service personnel or 3rd party vendor can not verify the issue, we reserve the right to charge your card on file for unnecessary repair request. As much as like to improve our service, we do appreciate any reports at any time. Please understand, any issues reported after your departure will NEVER qualify for any kind of refund or price adjustment.

8.) How Services are performed

We will send our own repair personnel or outside vendors to fix issues depending on the nature of issue. Repairs are usually performed M-F during regular business hours. Upon reporting of an issue our service provider may attempt to resolve outside of these times for your convenience.

We serve the right for the repair personnel to access to the property in your absence if this seems appropriate at our sole discretion. This especially applies right after reporting an issue / malfunction or in case of an emergency. Pets (in pet friendly homes) may never be left unattended on the property.

9.) Common elements

Unfortunately, and on very rare occasions, condo and/or homeowners associations do not communicate or schedule closures/improvements / changes of common elements adequately. Sometimes delays may occur beyond our control, which makes certain common elements unavailable. As much as we are trying to communicate any such events, the availability or unavailability of common elements is beyond our control. Any issues with common elements do not entitle for a refund or reduction of the rental rate.

10.) Other situations

Should any mechanical failures occur during your stay, like Tv or appliance malfunction, A/C issues we will do our best to make prompt and thorough repairs.

Some requests may require outside vendors to repair and/or replace equipment. If we or an outside vendor finds the equipment is not working due to guest misuse, operating error, or negligence, the guest will be responsible for incurred service charges.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for the inconvenience caused by inoperable/missing equipment, delayed vendor appointments or any permitting related issues. All appliances including laundry are provided as a courtesy only.

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