Pool heat (optional service)

The temperature of swimming pools varies and highly depends on the current weather. Therefore, we can not advise on certain pool temperatures during the time of your stay.

Some properties offer electric heat optional for an additional charge, you will find that information in the property description. This service (electricity for pool heat) must be requested, paid and turned on by our service personnel. Please order pool heat in advance, since we need to send somebody to the property to turn the service on. We need to get the notice 5-7 days in advance to send somebody. Any request at a shorter notice is not guaranteed.


Unless you specifically request otherwise, pool heat will be turned on at the day of your arrival. Depending on outside temperatures, weather, and wind, any pool will take 1-3 days minimum to heat up. You may request pool heat to be turned on 3 days before your arrival and these days will be charged additionally at the same rate. However, this needs to be requested and is only available if ordered at least 5-7 days in advance.

There is an activation and deactivation fee ($25 each = $50, we need to send somebody out to the property to make changes) and a daily charge for pool heat electricity ($10 – $20 depending on the property – see property description). Please be advised, we do not guarantee a specific pool temperature.

Pool temperature depends on weather, wind and other factors. You pay for electricity for the pool heater for a minimum of 6 hours to max. 8 hours per day. The pool heater thermostat will be set to 84°F, but on or after cold days this temperature will most likely not be reached.

Only our service person may change settings of pool equipment.

—-> Guests are not allowed to manipulate pool equipment/ heater programming under any circumstances.
Tampering with pool equipment may result in repair costs payable by the guest.

We suggest requesting pool heat at least 1 week prior to arrival.  You may request pool heat service at a later point however, we cannot guarantee it and/or it may take a few days to get activated (we have to send somebody to the property).

Pool heat can only be requested for the entire length or remainder of your stay. It can not be turned on/off intermittingly (except for long-term seasonal guests > 1 month).
There is an additional fee for each time we need to change the pool heat setting.

Understanding pool heat

—-> The pool heater and circulation pump are usually running during daytime hours (between approx. 10 am and 4 pm). Both are off at night!
IMPORTANT: No water circulation or a red light at the equipment does NOT indicate any malfunction when the pump is off.

The Heat pump is set to 82°F minimum (November to April) and 84°F during summer months. The pool heater is operational during daytime hours when the circulation pump is operating (about 6 to 8 hours per day).

During periods of or after cold weather, this temperature will not be reached in the pool. The heat pump service does not guarantee a certain pool temperature. Basically, it will help to heat the pool as soon as air temperature improves.

The pool heat cannot be set higher than that maximum temperature (84°F)  in order to keep chemicals balanced. If you want a “hot” pool you need to book a property with SPA. Swimming pools are NOT intended for higher temperatures. Setting a pool to a higher temperature would trigger additional maintenance (bi-weekly pool service, increase in chemicals usage, increase in electricity) which are NOT included in the pool heat fee.

Disclaimer: Any heat charge is not for a guaranteed water temperature but for having the heat pump up and running and using electricity for 6 – 8 hours per day. Only our pool personal is authorized to change settings at the pool heater. If the guest changes any settings this will result in extra charges.

In and after very cold periods (or in conjunction with high winds), the heat pump will struggle to keep the temperature in the pool despite running. This will correct once the weather improves. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from the air to the water. So with cold air (esp. below 65°F), they cannot do their job as efficient as in the warmer air. Finally, depending on the pool size, 20,000 to 40,000 gallons of water takes a certain amount of energy to get heated which takes some time.
FYI: We are talking about days – not hours.

Properties with combined a spa/pool:

If you would like to use the spa you will need to order pool heat otherwise, the spa won´t heat up.

During usage of the spa, the pool will not be heated. Switching between the pool/spa will trigger a protection pause for the heat pump. So using the spa will practically prevent the pool from being heating during that time. Since there is a pool automation system installed the temperature reading on the heat pump itself will not be accurate.

Spa usage is limited to 2 hours at a time.

You will find more information in our terms/conditions.

Our opinion:
Anybody is different when it comes to pool heat. So please don’t ask us, if you need it in spring or fall. As Floridians, we would need to practically year around. 😉


Pool heat is a charge for electric power and depreciation on the pool heater. Therefore, we cannot provide any discount or reductions on pricing for pool heat under any circumstances.