BBQ / Propane policy

Some properties have BBQs for the guests to use (see property description). The BBQ is a courtesy by the owner and responsibility of the guest (gas and cleaning). Vacation homes (single family homes) have a propane BBQ, while condo associations usually provide community charcoal BBQs. BBQs are outside and not specifically cleaned during changeover.

– Cleaning of the BBQ is Guest’s responsibility.

BBQs are NOT fully cleaned (completely disassembled and cleaned) by our staff.
BBQ and remote outside area cleaning is NOT included in the cleaning fee we charge. So please expect to clean it before usage. This includes docks, patio furniture and such.

Good people take care of their followers, and clean it after usage.

We recommend running the BBQ on hot for 20 minutes without any food to burn off excess grease inside the BBQ BEFORE usage. This is how a propane BBQ should be cleaned/ prepared for usage.

Be nice to the next guests. Let the BBQ run without any food on hot for another 10 to 20 minutes. Scrub off the grease from the cooking surface. Make sure no food is left on the BBQ. This is NOT yummy and shows your attitude if you did. So please, please show your grace to people and DONT do it.

– We do not provide fuel / propane / charcoal.

All properties have a propane container (you can exchange (take it there)  it at gas stations / Walmart / Supermarket / Walgreens for $20 – 25).
However, we do not refill propane / replace empty containers (Federal Regulations and the insurance carrier also do not allow us to transport inflammable liquids commercially). So the container may be empty when you arrive.

We can’t reimburse for propane refills. BBQ fuels are the guest’s responsibility.

Sometimes the BBQ igniter goes bad (battery empty, they tend to fail). If so, please use a regular lighter instead. But let us know, our housekeeping likely wants to take care during regular maintenance.

Most properties will come with some BBQ tools, but we don’t restock those, so if you expect a certain tool, you may need to bring or buy it.

If you find the BBQ in bad shape, sorry. Florida weather can be harsh…, let us know we like to take care 😉