Single family homes: Some homes do have garages, please check property amenities. Cars are to be parked in garages, driveways and on street (if locally permissible). Trailers, RVs, trucks or boats may not be parked on the property without prior written approval.

No vehicles are allowed to be parked on lawn at any time. Parking your vehicle might damage the lawn or / or the irrigation system. If we notice any cars parked on lawn, we may immediately put a deposit on your credit card to cover potential damages. Repeated violation or actual damages may result in immediate eviction without refund. You are responsible for your guests.

Any damages to lawn or lawn service not being able to mow will be charged to your credit card.

At single family residential properties you may park on the driveway and on street (if locally permissible).

Manatee County and Bradenton have strict rules regarding parking trailers on the property and on the street.


Condos: Parking is permitted for passenger cars only (no oversized trucks, RVs etc) on marked parking spots at our condos.  Trailers, boats etc may not be parked on common areas at any time. You need to arrange parking outside the condo property (hint: ask at a local Marina).

Island: Anna Maria Island prohibits on street parking except for specially marked spaces. When parking on the Island, make sure all 4 wheels are off the pavement in those areas or you will get ticketed pretty quickly.