Bedrooms / closets / garages

Owner closets 

All our rentals are individually owned. Owners reserve the right to occupy one o more closets for their belongings while they are not here.

Consequently, some closet may be unavailable for guests’ use. However you may use that bedroom for sleeping.

Owners may also occupy other closets in the main living room, hallway. If you find a closet locked it is not intended for guest usage.


Owners may also park their private vehicle (s) in the garage, so the garage (or part of it) may not be available for guest’s usage. If “garage” is not showing under amenities for a property, you can expect the garage not to be available for your usage.

Garage door opener

If garage space is provided, a garage door opener shall be available in the house. Please make sure to return the garage door opener before departure. If you accidently take it home or it is missing we may need to charge you for it (price of new opener and service call for garage door company to program it, approx. $100).

Garage door opener disengaged

If you find the garage door disengaged, please check this video on how to reengage:

We do not provide codes for garage door code pads (if applicable).