Pest control

All properties are under professional pest control.

Mosquitoes, Flying Insects

Please keep windows and doors that have no screens closed in order to avoid getting mosquitoes or other insects into the unit.

Some properties might be equipped with an outside misting system to help repel mosquitoes and other insects in the yard, pool, deck area. When installed, the system administers a fine mist of naturally-based, environmentally friendly liquid several times each day, which is safe for humans and pets. Times are being set depending on the season and can not be changed.

Roaches and ants

Smaller bugs, palmetto bugs, roaches and ants are common in this area. So if you find roaches or ants in or around a property, please make sure to keep doors / windows closed and keep food stored in hard containers / fridge, not just plastic wrapped.

If the bugs are dead or just about to die, this is a sign pest control is working and there is nothing we can really do about.
If you find them alive, let us know, so pest control can do an extra spray around the perimeter of the property.

Summer / Winter season: During heavy rain events (summer) / or frosty nights (winter) bugs are actively trying to enter homes through sewer and tiny crevices to seek shelter. Pest control is still working on them and there is nothing we can do.

Please note the following:
1. It is common to find bugs and ants in tropical coastal areas.
2. Dead or dying bugs mean the pest control is working and nothing further can be done.
3. Bugs may take from 1 minute to 12 hours to die after they have entered an exterminated property.

Unfortunately, bugs are common in tropical and semi-tropical climate.
For condos: Pest control is the responsibility of the condo association. We have no control when they perform the pest control. Feel free to report any issues and we will do our best to get the Condo Association address the problem asap.

We can not provide any refunds or changes due to bug sightings.
Just remember, you booked a home in Florida, not Alaska, so at least, there are no bears to worry about. 😉