Garbage disposal

Garbage disposals may only be used to dispose of small and soft items, like small pieces of fruit, coffee grounds without paper filter etc. Bones and any hard or bigger items may NEVER be put into the disposal.

Disposals shall be operated from time to time in order to flush the drain and prevent bad odor. If you notice any bad odor from the kitchen drain, start cold water and let the disposal run for a few seconds.

The #1 rule of garbage disposal troubleshooting:

Issue #1:

You turn the switch on and hear NOTHING. No motor, no noise. The safety switch has tripped.

Push the reset button on the bottom or side of the disposer under the sink. If the disposal is still clogged then switch it off.


Issue #2:

You turn the switch on and hear a noise from the motor but the disposal is not turning:
Use a broom handle, wooden spoon, or something similar — NEVER YOUR HAND — and push against the blades (swivel impellers) on top of the turntable. A disposer tool is available for this but if one is not handy then a broom handle, wooden spoon or similar item will suffice. Push against the swivel impellers and try to rock them back and forth to free the turntable.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, please contact us. Do not put additional material into the disposal.