Irrigation – Lawn – Maintenance


The lawn and green life is maintained by external contractors. They come as needed and we have no influence on their schedule.


Irrigation in Florida is either sourced from well-water or reclaimed water. These waters may contain very small amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas – “rotten eggs smell”. The human body can smell tiny amounts of that gas. Unfortunately, this is how it works in Florida and nothing we can do about. Any irritation due to irrigation smell does not constitute a reason for refund.


Pool, lawn, yard and other regular maintenance services may access the property whenever needed. They have their own schedule. In some cases, lawn mowing may blow so dust / grass into caged area / pool. Pool service will take care at their next scheduled visit. We cannot provide on-demand pool cleanings in this case.

We always try to schedule special maintenance / repairs when a home is not rented / on change-over days. So we want to make everything as convenient as possible for our guests.
Sometimes schedules of contractors, government inspections or unforeseen emergency situation require work to be scheduled during a stay.

As much as we would like to do it otherwise, this is beyond our control and does not allow for any kind of refund.