With your quote we include suggested and common additional services most of our guests prefer to have so they can enjoy their vacation without any hassle. However these charges are voluntary and NOT mandatory.

You may shop for your own services.

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Some fees and services offered in the online quote are not required to be paid as a condition of the use or possession of the accommodation.

Please email us before your booking if you desire to use your own services so we can take any unwanted services off your quote:


1.) Cleaning service

You may use your own cleaning service / company. If you choose to use your own cleaning company you are responsible for all fees and damages and need to place a refundable security deposit. In order to confirm with insurance and tax requirements the cleaning company must provide a certificate of liability insurance, business tax receipt (if applicable), sales tax certificate and proof of workers comp in order to be allowed access the premises. This must be submitted to us before your arrival from the selected company.

Any dwellings left in a condition not cleaned to our specifications may result in a damage claim against the security deposit.

If you chose to use your own cleaning company, the cleaning must be finished by 1pm of the day of departure, so our maintenance staff has time to check the property after cleaning and before the next guests arrive. There is no additional fee for this service.

2.) Pet fee

Pet fees are intended to cover extra expenses for cleaning after your pet. In order to avoid this fee, you have place an additional security deposit of $500.

3.) Accidental damage insurance / pool

Accidental damage insurance / pool is an offer to protect you from unforeseen expenses. You can avoid this service by providing a refundable damage deposit by cashiers check or credit card (at our discretion) before your arrival. The damage deposit will be applied to damages found after your departure and the reminder will be refunded within 30 days after your departure.

4.) Applications for condo associations can be filed directly by the guest with the condo association to avoid this fee.

5.) Pool heat is suggested in winter. The pool can be used without the pool heat turned on.

6.) Some services administered by us may be subject to a service fee for administration of ordered services. This service fee is 11.5% and intended to cover bank fees and administration. In order to avoid this fee you have to cancel the underlying service.


Booking procedure

The booking confirmation shows a schedule of expected charges including suggested services for your stay. All payments will act as reservation and / or damage deposit until your departure. All monies received are placed into a property management Escrow account and applied to rent and optional charges after your departure when the monies are paid out to the owner. We require full payment of expected charges for all stays before arrival. Any partial payment or notice of intended cancellation automatically trigger a forfeiture of your right for occupancy.