AIRBNB is illegitimate at this time

Bradenton – 06/04/20 – We stopped all future AirBNB bookings as of today.

As you can see in News (here, here and here) and 1000s more, AirBNB has been doing shady business with guests and hosts. AirBNB laid off several thousand employees. AirBNB left their terminated and remaining employees, their guests, and us in limbo since CoVid-19 started. On the other side, AirBNB ignored guests calling with reservations on their hotline forever and took away substantial revenue from AirBNB hosts for no reason and consent.

We are the middleman. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our guests, owners, and neighbors. We simply can no longer tolerate this unprofessional behavior by AirBNB.

Lately, we had to file a complaint with AirBNB about the unacceptable behavior of an AirBNB guest in April 2020. That AirBNB guest violated multiple house rules, didn’t show basic conduct, and even got violent against a neighbor. Since patience and words did not help, that AirBNB guest was terminated. After several inquiries with AirBNB about the status of our complaint for weeks, we finally came to the conclusion it is beneficial to our guests, owners, and ourselves to terminate our AirBNB relationship immediately.  AirBNB is not a legitimate company as of today.

AirBNB has been unreliable at paying out before, they do not care about hosts. They do not care about the guests. They have actually been stealing money lately, just by changing agreed policies without consent by all parties to the disadvantage of everybody except for themselves.

Our termination will stay until AirBNB gets their stuff back to order and provides a legitimate business environment.

TO AIRBNB: Contact us once you are ready to do reliable and fair business again. Nobody within AirBNB, below the CEO or CFO, will be taken for granted. We need honesty, substance and trust, not any more of the shady AirBNB business behavior we and many other hosts/managers have encountered lately.

To OUR Guests: It is always beneficial to book right online on our website It is the cheapest, fastest and most accurate rate you can get on a property. AirBNB (and other 3rd party websites) are adding substantial junk fees on guest’s side. They call it “service fee”, but we are already paying to advertise on their website. They do not provide any substantial benefit to us. Not sure about you? It is just twice charging for zero “service”! There is one exception: If you are a guest using one of those fancy self-referral AirBNB’s coupons, use it! Those are great!

Otherwise, I honestly cannot see a good reason or benefit for booking through AirBNB. At least not if you expect any kind of customer service. 

Let’s go back for a moment: That specific AirBNB’s guest’s incident mentioned above was reported to Manatee Sheriff back then and is on file for future reference with several witnesses in the neighborhood + video and such. Since nobody at AirBNB cares about facts right now, it’s time to say bye-bye to AirBNB. In contrary to AirBNB, we do care about our owners, our guests, the property, and the neighborhood! We do not recommend hosting on AirBNB any longer. #AIRBNBnomore #AIRBNBbyebye

To substantiate our claim, here is the AirBNB rating at “F” with the Better Business Bureau in San Francisco. We can support the finding, there is a reason for AirBNB’s grade.

And here is ours, Suncoast Vacation A+ . We are a fully licensed Florida RE brokerage, while AirBNB has nothing to show except unsatisfied people and tons of cash for themselves. #supportsmallbusiness