3rd party fees – VRBO, Expedia, AirBNB

Our charges will show as “Suncoast Vacation” or “Anna Maria Island Real Estate LLC” on your credit card.
You will always get the best price when booking on our own website

If you use a 3rd party website like VRBO, Expedia, Booking for your reservation those companies may charge you as the guest an additional service fee. This will be disclosed when making the reservation.

We have no specific information about these guest fees. These fees do not benefit us. Those fees don’t show on your rental agreement with us. It’s a fee those companies charge you for using their website.

Unfortunately, if you realize you were charged a fee after making a reservation through any of those companies, we are out of luck. “Cancel and rebook” would be considered fraud by those companies so we cannot support that. All standard cancellation policies apply.

Please make a note for your next reservation:
It is always best to book directly.

Non-acceptance of booking request:

We reserve the right to deny any booking request for any reason before we finally confirm it (usually within 24 hours, most of the time much less).

1.) If you made the request directly on our website no action is necessary and your CC will not be charged.

2.) If your request was made thru a 3rd party website (like VRBO) you may need to contact them if they charged you for THEIR service fee. We have no information about any of their charges.

We are a fully licensed Florida Real Estate Company. You can check our license with the state of Florida here:

Anna Maria Island Real Estate LLC dba Suncoast Vacation
Bradenton, Florida, 34205

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